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  1. I'm replacing a bath and tiling at the same time. Previously, I've always pushed the tub up against the plaster and tiled down to the tub,and run a line of silicone around for a seal. This has always caused a problem when I come to fit the side and end panels. Beacause the end panels are now bigger than the space allowed for them I have to slice the wall end off them. I then loose all the rigidity as the corner disappears. Is there any reason why I can't tile down below the level of the tub rim and use silicone to stick the tub to the tiles, finishing off with the usual bead around the top? The top rim of most tubs usually has a large radius and would form a big groove if installed using this method. The rim of this replacement tub has a very tight radius and could be lost in a slim bead of silicone. What would be the opinion of you professionals please?

    Many thanks Les
  2. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    NEVER push a bath up against the tiles. ALWAYS tile down to the fixed bath. The side and end panels always need trimming anyway.
  3. Thanks C'pn. That's very definite. How do I overcome the problem of cutting away the lip that's suppossed to slip behind the batten fixed to the wall? The battens are supplied with a rebate in the bath fixing kit. Do I simply use screws and white caps?

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