Bath panels or tiles instead?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Iron_Mike, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member


    Interested on peoples views on this.

    I can go down the traditional route of the white bathroom panels. Or have been considering getting the bath tiled.

    I appreciate if the bath plays up, a tiled bath is more fiddly to prepare.

    But visually I think a tiled bath looks good, and as I have a small bathroom this look may help.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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  2. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Active Member

    Tiled bath panels can look very effective and if designed to be removed, not much more trouble should you need to access under the bath. Keku fixings (stocked by our host) make things simple.
    But.... It doesn't have to be an ordinary white plastic panel either. You can have a myriad of different designs in timber/MDF which can be stained or painted at will. Worth a look at some images online. Good luck with it.

    Edit: I should add that anything other than a straight sided bath will present something of a challenge to make an alternative to a plastic or pre-shaped panel but not impossible.
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  3. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    Cheers fella, will check it out
  4. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Active Member

    I edited my post whilst you were posting - see note of caution.
  5. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

  6. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    Thanks KIAB.

    Do find Pinterest to be good.

    It is a L shaped bath, so guess a little bit more fiddly than a straight bath.
  7. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Active Member

    L shaped isn't too bad. You can install that in sections depending on the finish you choose or if you install it as a single piece give some thought to how to stop it flexing at the joints - I have used some appropriately shaped plywood webs in the past glued and screwed into place.
  8. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    Provided it suites your décor, one of the simplest types of panel to build is one made from T&G boards.

    I've done two in my hoosie, and one is on a corner bath which has a fully curved outer profile.

    Tiling a panel is ok provided the backing board is solid enough not to flex. Partly due to this, and also the tiles themselves, you will find it's all gonna be heavy. I guess use adhesive and grout designed for floor tiles on a timber sub-base as it'll be flexible. (If the panel flexes as you fit or remove it, expect cracks...)

    I made one years ago - jeepers, over 30 when I think of it, and it's still there - and drilled a number of holes through the tiles to allow the fixing screws to fit through in to the timber frame behind - it has to be easily removable. I then used mirror-topped screws (is that what they're called - chromed domed screw-on tops?)

    I would not recommend it for a first DIY project.
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  9. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    Cheers for explaining DA
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  10. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    (I should explain, just in case, by 'boards' I mean decorative wood boards around 10mm thick - you'll see them in all the sheds. Some are more decorative than a simple 'V'-groove too. But obviously it'll have to suit what your style. I like it 'cos it's cosy and 'traditional', but also because you can change the whole décor with just a lick of paint.)
  11. nigel willson

    nigel willson Well-Known Member

    What ever you do ! Make sure your plumbing is accessible. Take it from a plumber , you'll be sorry if you don't. Been there done that, water pi--ing out from under the bath and all tiled in. Sorry luv got to break your tiles out!!!!!!
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