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    Plan for our new bathroom layout is to have a double ended bath, with the bath mixer tap on one long side of the bath in the middle, the side against the wall.

    A few plumbers have said this would be a 'nightmare', as if something goes wrong with the tap, it would be a real pain to then get to the tap to address it.

    Is this really the case?
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    thats their opinion :confused: Are they proper plumbers ?

    why not buy decent quality taps,something that will not fail early to an extent they need complete replacement. There are even taps that are mounted on the bath deck which can be removed and swapped with ease. Among manufactures Bristan (easyfit) are one.

    Or even a wall mounted mixer tap.

    Choices avail :cool:
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    I'm suprised anyone who wants a double ended bath, would choose to a) have the taps on one short end (so they stick in your back), or b) choose the opposite long end, so you have to lift your leg over the taps to get it? :( I'll have a look at the easy remove options.

    Sorry for my ignorance, but how would a wall-mounted mixer be easier to sort compared to a bath deck mounted one?
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    Few years back I gave a mate of mine a hand to refit his bathroom and he wanted the same setup as your describing

    Concerned about future access for tap maintenance, (fitted long edge against a wall) we decided on an undermount tap, connected with 1m flexis. This was actually a tap/shower diverted unit but they did stand alone taps in the range

    Taps pop through holes from underneath, then secured on top of bath with a chrome ring

    Couple years later there was a problem with the diverter and company supplied a new unit free of charge but no labour !

    We removed old unit, dropped a length of string through both tap holes, pulled out under bath, tied to new tap, attached flexis, one of us pulling up on strings, other one with arm under bath guiding tap under bath into position, up it popped and through bath holes. Remove 1 string, on with securing ring, repeat, was easy peasy

    Can’t remember brand of taps, think they’re fairly unusual but worth looking into

    Apart from actual tap replacement, replacing the cartridge when they start dripping (ceramic disc type) is done with tap in situ so doesn’t matter where they’re mounted

    But it’s certainly worth considering
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    A few years ago I replaced my double ended bath with centre taps with a new double ended bath with centre taps. I'm not a plumber. If requires a flexible body but it's doable. As it requires flexibility you should find a suitable plumber.
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    There is a little more work to get the pipes into the wall,pipes are fitted to a concealed industry sized wallplate/bracket. The taps are fixed by 2 external nuts,so exchanging the mixer at a later date is a 10 minute diy job.

    Wall mounted bath mixer taps can also look ok,no need to drill the bath tub,easy to silicone the back wall,easy to clean etc

    Just need a plumber or bathroom fitter with a can do attitude :)
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