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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Gummo, Nov 21, 2020.

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    I’ve just discovered that the bathroom downlights installed seven years ago by the ‘electrician’ are IP20 rated. The discovery occurred incidentally duting my research into fitting bedroom downlights myself.

    There are four lights in my tiny bathroom but I'm only concerned about the one directly over the shower.

    I've been able to source an IP65 fitting with an identical ceiling cut-out to replace that but I need to know if GU10 bulbs are safety rated.
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    I'm not a sparky but I'm sure as long as they conform to IP65 and are fire rated then you should be good
  3. Comlec

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    Maybe the 'electrician' actually considered that the downlights were outside the zones and were unlikely to be damaged by the environment and fitting them did not breach a fire compartment. I suspect after seven years of trouble free service your electrician may have been right.
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    Thanks, this says it should be IPx4 At least.

  7. Comlec

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    "The height of zone 1 and zone 2 are limited either by the horizontal plane corresponding to the highest fixed shower head or water outlet, or the horizontal plane lying 2.25 m above the finished floor level, whichever is higher."

    So, If your ceiling is more than 2.25m from the floor then the lamp maybe above the shower but NOT in a Zone.

    Many still think it prudent to install IPx4 or greater above a shower or bath even outside a zone but this is not a requirement.
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    Phew, my ceiling is exactly 2.3m high so the rush isn't so intense but I think I'm going to replace it for peace of mind.

    THANKS, comrades.

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