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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Steve2017, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Hi, need some help with bathroom extraction. I have a Mira Power shower and it creates alot of steam makes the bathroom look like a steam room... Anyway after reading reviews on screwfix for the black Manrose fan with speed settings I went with that. It arrived and I wired it to a plug to test it in my lounge and aimed it at a empty crisp bag and it went flying felt good and strong flow so I fitted it in the attic with about 50cm of flexible ducting from the extractor hole to the fan and then then about 1.5m of piping taking it from the fan to outside the attic.

    I tried it out and have to say I was expecting to see steam flying towards the vent and out but it didnt really seem to do anything... What's gone wrong?? Reviews said it cleared peoples rooms and left them steam free.. My room is still like a sauna with misted mirrors. Its on the fastest setting.. Are extractor fans not really that good?

  2. terrymac

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    It should clear the room ,but its not instantaneous ,takes several minutes after you stop showering.
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    Can air get into the room from another vent somewhere? What i'm saying is that air has to be able to get into the area otherwise there's no "through draught", thereby forming a sort of vacuum so that nothing moves!
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    You need to leave the bathroom door open slightly otherwise there's no air for the extractor fan to move. It needs to be able to create a draught through the slightly open door past the steamy shower and out through its vent.

    It's a pity you used the flexible shower ducting as that decreases the extraction efficiency considerably. A duct (round or rectangular) with a smooth internal surface presents far less of a drag to the moving air than a concertina duct. After a few days of showering the concertina folds fill up with condensation and eventually start leaking out somewhere ... hopefully it's mounted on a slant directing the condensate out via the duct to the outside.
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    Yea its angled to run the condesation build up out

    I was going to try and redo it and connect the fan directly to the vent. Can the fan be mounted vertically or does it have to be horizontal?

    I will try with the door slightly open. I have a window that opens but its freezing out there and makes the room very cold lol


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