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  1. WDWGunner25

    WDWGunner25 Member

    Evening all

    This evening I noticed a smallish hairline x shaped crack on our kitchen ceiling. Directly above which is our bathroom (alarm bells!), the area was not damp, stained or noticeably bulging, but we got some advice and used a small screwdriver to very gently poke a small hole in the ceiling to see if there was any water, which there didn’t seem to be.

    Anyway I have had a look in the bathroom, and whilst I initially didn’t notice anything, I’ve now noticed under our bath mat, the grout is cracked and sunken as in pic attached, and one of the floor tiles has very slightly sunk in a corner (again pic attached). The area is directly in front of our sink so we stand here a lot.

    I suppose what I’m really worried about is has the joist underneath got water damage and starting to rot, or is it just a case of regrouting properly so the tile is properly held in place.

    I am going to guess when the flooring was done they didn’t use flexible grout. So imagine we will need to rip the whole damn floor up and start again.

    I know you can’t always tell much from photos, but if anyone could give us an honest opinion it would be appreciated.


    p.s sunken tile is bottom left and the last pic is of the crack on the kitchen ceiling directly above the tiles, after we used a screw driver to make a small hole (very zoomed in!)

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  2. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    You'll always get a certain amount of movement on a wooden floor, even if reinforced. Flexible grout will still crack, it's only really designed to flex a tiny amount.
    It looks pretty normal but if you're worried and don't want to cut a hole in the ceiling, an inspection camera might be an option?
  3. kirkdx

    kirkdx Member

    The corner looks to me like the grout was sitting on top of a spacer and hadn’t got underneath. The spacer looks to have moved/cracked. Could be the same with the tile if they didn’t use enough adhesive.

    I can’t comment on the structure of the joist as I’m no expert but I’ve tiled a few upstairs bathrooms and have only ever ‘reinforced’ by replacing old floorboards with 25mm ply. As far as I’m aware, none of the ceiling have collapsed so far.

    If your joists were weak or there was an issue there I would imagine a lot more cracking and movement when you walk on the floor but as I say, I’m not an expert so don’t take my word on that. The inspection camera sounds like a good idea and a great excuse to buy a new gadget
  4. Alwaysworking

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    Once it starts, it don’t stop, I’d guess that this will need retiling soon as it has too much movement.
  5. WDWGunner25

    WDWGunner25 Member

    Thanks all, gonna have to take a couple of tiles up, and see what’s going on underneath I think.
  6. koolpc

    koolpc Screwfix Select

    Looks ok. Tiles dont look sunk. Just the grouting.

    No harm in lifting the tiles to check though.
  7. WDWGunner25

    WDWGunner25 Member

    Yeah basically I have removed some of the grouting where the divider was, and removed that (and for some reason the second one ) and the floorboard underneath is dry as a bone from what I can tell.

    The tiles are all now a little creeky - so will pull one up tomorrow (train driver work nights so that’s not a job for two hours before work) and will check, but the impression I get is that the tiles are properly secured on to the boards.

    Have just filled and will reaping the crack in kitchen and see if it comes back.

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