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  1. shaun1235456

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    hi all im going to remove a wall separating the toilet and bathroom and tile the floor, my question is how do make the levels from the new floor tiled bathroom to the landing carpeted tie in?

    ive tiled a bathroom floor before but there was a step down from the landing to the bathroom so i just banged on 18mm marine ply onto the existing floor boards and tiled the floor and job done,
    with this bathroom the landing and bathroom share the same floor boards so how do i tile the bathroom floor but make sure theres no step between the bathroom and landing? i guess i could use 6mm ply but that seems a bit flimsy, is the only option to remove the floor boards a ply to the joists?
    the existing floor boards are 15mm thick. cheers
  2. nigel willson

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    6mm ply to stop tiles cracking. Tile / carpet door bar , think called z bar cos that's the profile shape of it.
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    Why do people keep suggesting ply to tile on? Use Hardie Backer board which is designed for it, is more stable, does not move, takes adhesive easily and is way, way better.
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    It's just what ive done in the past but ill definatly look into the hardie boards. Does it come in a variety of thickness?
  6. Pollowick

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    There are 6 and 12mm boards used for wall or overlays on floors then 19 and 22 mm flooring which are T&G joined that go straight onto joists. They may not be as cheap as ply, but certainly cheaper than marine/WBP - for 12mm, decent WBP is around £25 and Marine £45-50. Hardie backer in 12mm is £8, and is 1/3 size. so £24 equivalent. It gives a surface that can be tiled on directly.

    For te carpet tile join, SF stock ZigZag un aluminium or gold.
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