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    I personally don't like the idea of full wall tiling on top of dot and dabbed insulated plasterboard in a bathroom, and I certainly don't like the idea of using the insulated plasterboard in a bathroom/shower area where it's not moisture resistant plasterboard to start with. I'm not poopoo-ing DA's input now, as I can only speak for my own house, but theres no sign of any cold spots in my battened bathroom, and as I earlier stated it's now a decent temperature for a solid wall house without the radiator on.

    One more point, dot and dabbing insulated plasterboard is (in my opinion) harder to attempt from a DIY perspective, as opposed to battening.
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    Ahhhh I'd made my mind up with the battening route but DA puts up some good arguments for the PIR board route.

    Just weighing up the options and sadly price is a major factor.
    I did think battening was the easiest from a diy perspective but as my bro in law will be assisting D&D won't be an issue as he is a plasterer by trade.

    The big issue for me is, as Jord says, the weight of the tiles as I plan on tiling floor to ceiling on at least one wall.

    I've found a board locally, reasonably priced but it is lacking a length measurement. Could someone confirm if the following product is 1200mm x 2400mm x whatever thickness I decide?

    If it's not that length then it's not such good value.
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    That board will be 2.4x1.2 yes.
  4. What Jord says in post #21 is all fair do's.

    Bear in mind that whichever method you use is going to be a massive improvement, so go for what makes you feel more comfy tackling.

    And yes, if you are full-wall tiling then perhaps battened is better - a totally reliable mechanical fixing. And definitely yes you should use a waterproof tiling back-board in the shower area, and not plasterboard.

    There you go - a full circle. Stick to your first plan :)

    Or go with your bro's judgement - he's the pro.
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    Gday everyone. Just thought I'd update here.
    The past few days have seen a transformation in tha bathroom- 3 walls insulated with pir board. Went for the dot and dab approach. Ripped down the ceiling, built a new frame, insulated with pir board. All plastering done, bath installed which included drilling a new waste outlet in the external wall, all plumbing done and new rad installed. Still a million jobs to do- tiles tomorrow, maybe some painting.

    The be all and end all is that the room is now really toasty instead of ice cold. I'm absolutely amazed at the difference.

    Thanks everyone for the advice here and in my other thread about tiling. I'll post some photos once I'm nearer completion.
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  6. Wow - and phew :)

    Thanks for the update - that's really reassuring.

    Did you remove all the tiles and plaster before D&Ding? Or D&D on top?

    (Are you gonna post some photos? We LOVE photos...)
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    Good, I'm glad for you, hope you're happy with the end result, it really will be worth it.
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    This is the one bit of advice I didn't take but wish that I had. She was fine the first few days when stuffs getting ripped out- it's all a load of fun! Since then she's been a nightmare claiming that it "looks like it did this morning" and it actually pained her to admit that it is much warmer in there!

    I will post pics when I get a bit more time to sit down but I have periodically been taking some snaps.

    Had a nightmare yesterday- discovered a dripping tap connection under the bath. It wasn't terrible but needed sorting. Tried to do it with bath in situ, couldn't, had to rip out the sealant that I put there 18 hours before. As I pulled the bath out of the way the drip turned into a massive spray.
    After that I had to remove the sheet of ply on the floor which in turn meant removing the toilet and sink/vanity unit. After I'd soaked up the water and put everything back I discovered the recycled flexi pan connecter had a broken seal and needed a replacement at 8pm.

    Not ideal. Seems I lost a day really and achieved nothing but connecting the basin waste and building the little shelf at the head end of the bath.
  9. Jord86

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    You've gotta grit your teeth, grin and bear it and quietly boot the cat on days like that mate, I had more of them on my own bathroom than I've had hot dinners, bloody soul destroying at that moment, but in a weeks time you'll forget about it and just be pleased with your current efforts, because it will be worth it.

    The missus on the other hand........:mad:
  10. Jord86

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    Look up Dr Bodgits thread on 'project photos' thread, 'die lorelai 2017', the most recent pages he's done his bathroom out, that should make you feel better, hes done a superb job, but he had leaks from hell to contend with, at 1am. So it happens to us all.
  11. Ouch.

    I like the casual "it wasn't terrible..." as tho' any drip could simply be ignored :).

    The fact it burst in to a full-on powerwash will make the trouble to sort it more 'satisfying'; imagine ripping out all that work for just a 'drip'...?


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