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    I want to replace the bathroom pull light switch with a ceiling mounted PIR. The ones I have found so far (on ebay) don't seem to be suitable to run a ventilation fan. I want to run both the light and timed fan together. Is there a suitable ceiling mounted sensor available that would do the job ?
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    Can someone suggest a brand and model number ?
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    Its a terrible idea.

    My ex's parents did this at their house.

    How long do you set the timer for? 5 mins? You don't want the light on for half an hour everytime you go for a pee. Problem is you'll end up in the dark in the middle of a shower, or when sat down doing your business, and have to start waving your arms around to get the damn things to come on again.

    My experience of this was after the timer ran out and the lights go off, it takes about 2 - 3 seconds for the PIR to detect motion and turn the lights on again.

    Total and utter PITA - and it wasn't installed by some have a go hero, my Ex's dad was a very experienced electrical engineer, who designed and installed a lot of what sounded like fairly complex electrical systems for factories, he really knew his stuff. So unless there are PIR's that either use different tech that constantly monitors the room for movement, I'd steer clear. After a year of fiddling, adjusting, playing around etc, they went back to a switch. It was hardly an inconvenience.
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    To contradict the previous post, it's a great idea, used it at my last house to stop the kids leaving the light on and to control the fan. In my present house 2 toilets/cloakrooms have PIR sensor lighting and fan control. If it is good for you or not really depends on how you use the bathroom, how long you stay in the bath, or is it mainly a shower room, anyhow, if it goes dark, just wave your arms in the air.
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    Fitted one 1 year ago....utility room toilet.....
    20mm deep slimline...adjustable settings...grandkids love it.........
    switch was in wrong a new house....
    works like a problems...
    Cant recommend them enough.
    Ten quids..
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    I thought a motion sensor in the bathroom wad to automatically flush the loo
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    You could use one to do that.
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    I put a PIR light switch only in my BR.
    Fan comes on with shower pull isolator switch.

    Yes the G kids love it too.
    In the 2nd loo I put an LED dimmable 300mm square light.
    Sit on loo & play with remote, different settings for colour & lighting.

    All the top places have these now......:D

    eBay item number:
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    eBay item number doesn’t work. Do u have a url pls?
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    This one listed is 45x45cm which is the one I purchased.
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