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  1. Steve10123

    Steve10123 New Member

    Hi. I'm a keen DIYer and my next project is the bathroom. I plan on removing the bath and adding a shower (probably 1000 or 1200 tray), and moving the toilet. I'd love some advice/thoughts on my project.

    I've attached a photo of how it is now.

    1. Shower waste. I have two options, build a raised area for a low profile shower tray to sit on, then run the waste into the original bath waste which is run above floor level as shown in picture. HOWEVER, I'd love to get rid of the boxing and as the joists run from right to left, 'shouldn't' be too much trouble. However.. I am guessing the bath waste runs into the toilet waste pipe on the left (also above floor level) which then goes through that back wall into the en-suite where it picks up the waste from another toilet and sink and then into the main stack.

    The problem I foresee is that if I move the bath waste under floor, the soil pipe will still be above which means the bath waste won't flow into it as it will be lower. Are there any workarounds or methods of solving this?

    2. Move toilet. From that picture I plan on ripping it all out, putting the toilet at the back left, pretty much under the window, bring the sink to where the toilet is now, and put the radiator on the back wall where the sink is now (but slightly more to the right)

    Is the toilet move simple enough to do with regards to the soil pipe? I'm guessing I would cut the pipe further towards the back, and put in a toilet fitting there instead. Then run new waste pipe from the sinks new position and into the soil pipe. Does that sound right?

    Look forward to your replies.

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  2. Hi Steve.

    Enjoy - this is going to be a great project :)

    If you get it right...

    It really comes down to what's outside that house wall - where's the soil pipe that all this feeds in to?

    For the toilet, which direction does the soil pipe run - is it to the toilet's right or left? If the former, then it shouldn't be an issue to move it closer there.

    As for the shower waste, you can only put it under the floor if you can feed it in to the soil pipe at the same level - please do not be tempted to have it as an elongated 'U', with it stepping back up where it meets the waste. If you do this, it'll fill with slime and sludge and become blocked pretty darned soon. It must have a 'fall' all the way.
  3. Steve10123

    Steve10123 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. The soil stack is internal and it is in the next room behind this bathroom.

    From the toilet in the photo, the soil pipe runs to the right under the radiator, through the wall into the ensuite next door, picks up the toilet from there and then continues about 2 foot where it meets the main vertical stack.

    From what you have confirmed, I think losing the bath waste under the floorboards is going to be a nonstarter. Unless of course I lose the soil pipe under them too however that would mean running it across the joists which I'm guessing and it is pretty obvious you can't drill a 4 inch hole through all of the joists. Shame. However did my original concept of how to The toilet sound okay? I.e. just cutting the soil pipe down a little and put in a new toilet connection on? Luckily it's quite a new house so all of the water is barrier pipe so the supply lines should be easy to run and manipulate.
  4. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    If you can get the shower tray down at floor level it would be a much nicer finish. Don't give up on running the waste under the floor just yet, as it depends on what kind of access you have to the stack.
    The existing bath waste will almost certainly join the stack below the level of the two toilet waste pipes.
    Can you take the floor up in the adjacent bathroom to see if fitting a strap-on boss below floor level is at all feasible?
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  5. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    As above. A case of getting the floor up and having a gander...always a solution. Maybe a case of also modifying the wastes in the ensuite consisting of fitting a 50mm into the stack and joining your shower and ensuite wastes into that.
  6. Steve10123

    Steve10123 New Member

    Oh right. So there is scope to do it. That's exactly what I think I'll do then. I trouble with my flooring is that its those long 8 foot floorboards and they appear to have been put down before the interior false walls were put up so I'm going to have to saw them all to get them up.

    My first stage is going to be to rip out the bathroom in the picture, take apart those housing boxes and see exactly how the waste has been run. Then I will lift the floor and confirm where the joists are running, then I will have a look in the ensuite at the main stack.

    Thanks for all of your help and advice. I can tell you now I will be back with more questions. LOL.
  7. Steve10123

    Steve10123 New Member

    Do you mean that the bath/sink/showers will have a different waste network to the toilet leading to the stack? I presumed the large toilet waste pipe would run from the stack, through both bathrooms and then all the other stuff run into that big pipe.
  8. yorkyguy

    yorkyguy Active Member

    Re 'trouble with my flooring is that its those long 8 foot floorboards and they appear to have been put down before the interior false walls were put up so I'm going to have to saw them all to get them up.'
    Done years of DIT and bought a multi tool and found that its a doddle to plunge cut straight into the floorboard over a joist to lift the board. No more hacking away with hand saws and chisels. You cannot see the join!

    Just doing a bathroom - stand pipes, bath, shower, basin over a single board floor in al isted building - i.e. NO VOID

    Bit of a nightmare :rolleyes:
  9. Steve10123

    Steve10123 New Member

    I do have an oscillating multi tool so will use that. I also see someone do it with a skill saw with the plunge set to 15 or 18mm whatever it is.

    Will have to somehow check the thickness of the floor board a first.
  10. Steve10123

    Steve10123 New Member

    For anyone watching this thread I have changed my mind. I'm now going to put a another fancier bath in that room and do the bigger shower in the ensuite. Shouldn't change much in way of plumbing as I'd still like to loose the waste pipe.

    Anyone know if the norm is to have the bath/basin waste into the toilet pipe or does it normally go straight to the standpipe/stack?
  11. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    Just take care - you never know if pipes or cables are notched in the joists and sit flush. Easiest way to find out the thickness - drill a hole under the bath.
  12. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    Usually into the stack. Sometimes get a sink waste go into the toilet waste...all down to relative heights
  13. Steve10123

    Steve10123 New Member

    That would make sense why that both waste housing looks lower than the toilet waste housing. Excellent thank you. Going to start ripping stuff out tomorrow.

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