Bathroom Renovation Advice - Backer Boards / Adhesive and the "Plan"

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by wedge1988, May 13, 2021.

  1. wedge1988

    wedge1988 New Member

    Hi All

    I hope somebody can advise on my plan. I'm renovating my bathroom and need some advice on the best way to achieve the goal.

    I'm currently taking off the old plasterboard and plaster underneath back to brick, it's all a good 20-30 years old.

    Once back to brick, I plan on using Jackoboard backer board on the walls, but could do with some advice on how is best to apply to the wall. My plan is, use a flexible fiber tile adhesive and then apply the board. Once applied i can drill holes and apply the washers at 300mm spacing for extra strength

    Do i need to prime the brick wall / backer board? I'll be tiling to the backer board after with 900 x 300mm tiles. - brick wall, both sides of the board etc. I read that jackoboard doesnt need any priming?

    For fake/stud walls i am going to be using 10-18mm OSB, which i assume will need priming as well. - Would i need to use a non-tile adhesive for OSB, such as no more nails or similar then screw to the OSB?

    Also, i have read that i should leave a 2mm gap between the boards, but if i do then what exactly am i filling the gap with? flex tile adhesive?

    Will also be applying to the floor for when i apply floor tiles. - will take same as above for advice for the flexibility from the adhesive

    I am also going to be adding some ip65-68 LED lighting behind the board.

    Once the backer board is on, I plan on sealing any screws/washers and joints with the backboard rubber tape and a tanking agent / paste to make it fully waterproof. Then i will fit the shower tray and bath and then tile over the boards

    For the floor, I plan on putting the backer board down and tanking it, then using a self levelling flexible fiber reinforced screed, then tile over that.

    In terms of products, i plan on buying most of it from from either: or

    Whichever has the stock / cheapest etc

    If anybody has any other suggestions or ideas i might have missed please also say i want to make sure i get this right first time

    Thanks all
  2. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Youtube skill builder channel is worth a look if you haven't already.
  3. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Screwfix Select

    Sounds as though it is to become a "wet room". Are you planning on a "normal" shower tray? Or have you considered an in floor, sloping shower area?

    Have a look at Impey Linear trays and their tanking kit for floors. You will not need to screed, tiles go straight on top.
  4. wedge1988

    wedge1988 New Member

    Thanks Both, yep been watching the skill builder videos, cracking set of videos!

    Wont be a wet room, just a normal bathroom, with a shower and bath on the same wall.

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