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    Hi wondered if you can help in my bungalow we only have 15mm hot and cold, lm wanting to put in a bath with 15mm hot and 15mm cold,can I put in a bath tap and reduce to 15mm ,and what difference would it make to the flow, this is only to make the bath look right ,I was thinking 15mm basin taps would look small, thanks for your time .alan
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    If the new bath is predrilled for taps, it will have large holes for bath taps anyhow.
    It is normal to use bath taps or bath mixers on baths and just reduce the pipes below from the usual 3/4” thread bath tap down to 15mm pipes.
    3/4” X 15mm tap fittings are easily available. Also flexi hoses can be bought same, although personally I hard pipe everything in copper
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