Baxi 105e not igniting

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by SuperKevS, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. SuperKevS

    SuperKevS New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a Baxi 105e, I was getting hot and cold water issue that many people seem to get.
    During my fault finding/repairs I have changed the diaphragm etc in the diverter valve, I have removed and cleaned the primary heat exchanger (which was a mistake on my part as I didn’t realise the other one was what I should have been cleaning). Anyway, I then took out and cleaned the plate heat exchanger and refitted.
    I had a water leak from the main heat exchanger front pipe but sorted that.
    The current problem is that I can’t get it to spark/ignite at all and when calling for heat it just constantly tries to fire but can’t do it.

    Any suggestions on how to get it fired up? I’ve got pressure, got power, checked wires, powered off for “soft reset” but I’m wondering if the leak might have shorted something. I can’t find any reset switch for gas nor have I tried to clean the igniter (that’s tomorrow’s job depending on responses in here)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. penguinman

    penguinman Member

    You don't even get spark? Does the fan run?
  3. spirits are real 2016

    spirits are real 2016 Active Member

    did you turn off the gas supply underneath and have you got gas coming from the meter.
  4. The Teach

    The Teach Well-Known Member

    Have you checked the voltage 240v at the spark generator ?
  5. SuperKevS

    SuperKevS New Member

    Thanks for all of the replies, it was getting very late so I turned it off at the boiler and the spur and went to bed. Not sure if I had too much water in or around some parts from when it leaked so before I went to bed I put the dehumidifier right next to it and hoped that might help. It fired up the next morning once I gave it power again but only lasted for 5 minutes and went out. Since then, I did a soft reset and it's been working fine ever since. I did try to upload the video of the issue but it wouldn't allow me to upload. But there was no spark penguinman, I did have gas but not sure if the meter was turning spirits are real and I didn't check the spark generator The Teach as I am not confident around electricity tbh.

    Anyway, the boiler was running from Sunday and so far is operating as it should, my only real concern is that the water pressure when CH was on was rising to 3bar, no rads needed to be bled (I'd already done it) but I checked them again anyway and they were all fine, I drained a bit directly out of the boiler and it doesn't go past 2.5bar now but is just under 1 bar when cold.
  6. dcox

    dcox Active Member

    Check your expansion vessel if you’re getting a big increase in pressure as the boiler warms up.
  7. SuperKevS

    SuperKevS New Member

    It seems to be OK now, it was just over 2 bar tonight when the boiler was running so I'll monitor for a few days and top up a little more if it's in normal parameters regularly. Don't really want to do the expansion vessel as I think it's a bigger job than what I've just done from what I've looked into so far.

    On the plus side, it's nice to have a constant hot shower instead of having to jump out every few minutes so the initial job has so far worked well *touch wood*
  8. Call in a gas safe registered engineer who is qualified and registered in line with the law!
  9. SuperKevS

    SuperKevS New Member

    To do what exactly? I've already said that the boiler is working and there are no issues other than the pressure, so I'm not going to call in a gas engineer to top my boiler up
  10. You suggest you cleaned the heat exchanger (the main one by mistake)
    So in doing so you have interfered with combustion chamber/ door/ door seals/ gaskets/ burner etc etc.
    So therefore when you put it all back together you are qualified to test flue gas analysis to ensure products of combustion are safe along with other tests. Hence the question - are you going to get a Gas Safe registered person to test?
    Your right about one thing though you only need to be an idiot to re pressurise the boiler - or an unqualified irresponsible idiot to kill someone with a fire or carbon monoxide by doing things you are not legally qualified to do so.
    It’s obvious you do not have s bloody clue what you are doing because you took out the wrong heat exchanger is the first place
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  11. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    fit a carbon monoxide tedector next to it for peace of mind
  12. SuperKevS

    SuperKevS New Member

    Settle down keyboard warrior!

    I am having someone come out and service it shortly, I have a carbon monoxide detector installed and it's been running fine for a week. I was advised by 2 different plumbers that the heat exchanger was the issue, I got the manual and found the instructions to remove it, the only mistake was not knowing there were 2. So I ended up cleaning both, no big deal.

    As for the (not so) subtle name calling, grow up.

    I could pull apart your sentences in which you state I am qualified to test several things wherein actual fact you probably meant to say something else.... The part where you said your initial post was a question, questions have a question mark on the end to identify them as questions. Yours has an exclamation mark to identify you shouting.... I also never said anything about idiots filling the boiler up, I said I was capable of doing that myself so I see the implication you were making there, but might I suggest that if you're only on these forums to criticise, name call and generally be obnoxious, then I suggest you find something else to do with yourself.

    Please don't comment again, I might not be so polite in telling you that you are unhelpful.
  13. Giz-@-job

    Giz-@-job New Member

    When lads try and give you advice please understand that it has cost us lots of time and money to become registered and taking covers of boilers is deemed working on the appliance and is a gas safety issue ultimately . We cant be bothered being keyboard warriors we are trying to advise .
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  14. SuperKevS

    SuperKevS New Member

    Which I appreciate and is the whole reason I posted here in the first place, because I wanted/needed advice.

    So if the post had been advising me to get a gas safe engineer in then I would have took that on board, but it didn't come across as advice in the first instance with exclamation points and no mention of the word "should" and definitely didn't come across as advice in the second when implying I am stupid.
  15. With absolute no disrespect superkev s
    The great thing is with these forum talks they never get deleated by the publisher. So if your boiler now kills, harms, injured anyone or property by way of your own admission of doing things illegally are on record. Your obvious and disrespectful disregard for the law and regulations that are put in place to protect the public are also in this record.

    People die everyday from carbon monoxide, from boilers and gas fires mostly caused from disrespectful idiots who flout the law like you.
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  16. You cannot help some people - perhaps if and when he kills someone/ family member and ends up in prison he’ll take note of good advice
  17. SuperKevS

    SuperKevS New Member

    Not an "obvious and disrespectful disregard for the law and regulations", just someone with not much money trying to keep his family warm who didn't know that the part of the boiler I worked on was covered by these laws. I'm sure I could mention a law or regulation from my trade that you wouldn't know about but rather than say you were disregarding it, I would say "maybe you didn't know this but..." and then explain it to you.

    If you think you can't help "some people" then this isn't the place for you. Your "help" left a lot to be desired, maybe you should work on your delivery if you want to be helpful.

    As for the advice, as I said before, I've got the necessary detectors in place and the boiler will be serviced by the required qualified person in the very near future, So whilst I appreciate the concern you have shown for my families safety and well being (but not the delivery of said advice) you can rest easy knowing that your point was taken on board (5 posts ago mind) and I will be working on it accordingly and have still saved the money that I didn't have in the first place

    Thanks for all of your "assistance"
  18. So now it’s about Money - how much value do you put on your family to ensure they are safe. A responsible parent/ father/ husband pays a professional gas safe registered engineer to repair it, and/ or at least check it to confirm it’s safe integrity.

    You don’t fit a carbon monoxide detector to let you know it’s leaking carbon monoxide in the event you have not repaired it correctly. You install a carbon monoxide as a additional safety devise like a smoke detector.

    Don’t dig a hole any bigger for your self - do the right thing and be responsible and get it checked ASAP
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  19. Giz-@-job

    Giz-@-job New Member

    You're best going on a cover scheme if moneys tight , as one job a year pays for itself . All these home insurances do it now . If you get a service contract they're expensive - whoever makes the boiler get them in to service it as its worth it . I think the baxi105 have diverter problems they can be done externally but if its gas valve dont do it unless you get someone in to check its burner pressure . And those arent a straight forward job as you think as superceded versions / models come out of the box . Be very careful .
  20. SuperKevS

    SuperKevS New Member

    It's always been about the money, just because I didn't say it at the start doesn't mean it wasn't a factor in my initial decision to repair it myself. As a plumber do you only do plumbing work and get other people to do your home repairs or car repairs? Have you never fixed your own car or van? Or do you only take it to main dealers and have them fix it? What about your mobile phone, have you only ever took that back to manufacturer and never bought replacement parts from unauthorised suppliers? Or got the local shop or garage to repair your item? Everyone tries to save a few quid by doing jobs themselves.

    I feel as though you are not reading my replies or you are just not that interested and more interested in making yourself look good here or trying to get me to get mad with you, you're being ridiculous: I have already stated that I'm getting someone in, I said that way back in this thread when you made me aware that my work may have compromised a seal on the burner chamber or any of the other issues on any of the other areas you mentioned.

    Giz-@-job, I did price a "one off repair" by British Gas, I can't remember exactly but it was something like £199 for up to 1.5 hours I think and I didn't want to get milked dry by someone "fault finding". Cleaning the main heat exchanger is the whole reason for this thread as that's what caused the issues. Had I only cleaned the plate hex then none of this would be a problem. I will look to add boiler cover on my home insurance this week for the future breakdowns etc but the issue in my initial post is resolved thankfully. I appreciate the constructive replies and advice

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