baxi 80 eco CH problem

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by dollars, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. dollars

    dollars New Member

    baxi 80 eco central heating fault, CH when switched on will only work for about 30 seconds then the flame dies down but the pump still runs so i get no heating. replaced thermistor last week which i was told was the problem and it worked up until today. what else could trigger this so i dont just have to keep replacing thermistors :eek:)
    hot water works perfectly.

    asking on behalf of someone else so will help with your questions the best i can
  2. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    pcb,or diverter or gas valve, each component very expensive, so its best to get someone in who can test the part before buying,
  3. dollars

    dollars New Member

    cheers for the speedy reply, would any of these faults mean that i still get plenty of hot water but knackered CH heating? is any of these solutions more probable than the other?
  4. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    How long did it work ok for with new thermistor?

    I wouldnt have thought gas valve as it is ok on hot water - I stand corrected if wrong.

    If it was ok with new thermistor then has some muck out of the ch clung to it and causing problems.. Before going any further i would inspect this, it's the cheapest part on the boiler.

    Is the flow pipe getting warm at all ?? I doubt it by the sounds of things if its clicking off so soon. Has any water got in to the pcb?

    I would replace that thermistor first , like tom plum says divertor, pcb are notorious on these.
  5. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    Don't go changing expensive parts , a few expensive parts will buy you another one of them with a 12 month guarantee.
  6. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    if you phone the gas board, they do a fixed price repair, costs £156, for parts call out and labour, what ever part it is, so even if a muppet engineer comes and changes all the parts on the boiler, its still only costs £156, could be worth it in your case, try that thermister first though ;)
  7. dollars

    dollars New Member

    worked for 7 days day with the new thermistor. the flow pipe does get hot as it runs for 30 seconds but then burner cuts out again, it will try and come back on again a couple of minutes later but will just do the same again
  8. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano New Member

    Keep on guessing until you get there.

    WEhats happening to the market,why are people passing on simple repairs to boilers to British Gas

    These are very simple boilers to work on and it doesn't take genius to isolate the fault,a simple multimeter and bit common sense and your well away

    What will happen eventually british Gas will end up with all the work and take care of the market and the independents will be scratching living

    This has already started actually with huge reductions on installation costs and cheap repairs,so pull your socks up and get out there and stop passing on the work to the juggernaut
  9. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    calm down big tony. i'm only suggesting b.g cos it will work out cheaper for for the OP,
    you sound irrate, is your lass not letting your fga into the inlet chamber ?:)
  10. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    If were thinking like that then why is everyone giving advice to people on here about boilers, taps , etc. Were all doing ourselves out of work this way.

    There is only so much we can tell someone on a internet forum , his ch return could be shut for all we know.
  11. Itandje

    Itandje New Member

    Just cos the pumps running doesn't mean it's circulating the water, maybe time to take it off and check the impellor's still attached etc. etc.
  12. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano New Member

    I am cool dont worry Tom,just trying to make a point,BG should be the very very last resort.I would not recommend them whotsoever mate :)

    If I am to recommend someone then a fixed price repair from the manufacturer is alot better,the boiler will be repaired in one visit because they carry the parts on the van

    Some BG repairs can take upto 2 weeks,especially for the people who have their homecare package.
  13. Notinmymums Forest

    Notinmymums Forest New Member belief is that if the impelor has become detached the heated water from the main heat exchanger would not be travel through the secondary h/ex in the same way its not running through the c/h circuit....the op says he is getting hot water so pump must be o.k!....i may stand corrected.....without looking at the m.i am not sure if this boiler uses a c/h flow switch to prove movement of water and allow the boiler to work in sequence.....any other thoughts?
  14. dollars

    dollars New Member

    just letting you know how the boiler went, drained down system and cleaned the thermistor just to check it, filled back up started boiler and now its running fine. not sure why its now working or for how long but it is. could there have been a lot of air in the system or muck? maybe this was a cause.

    many thanks for the help

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