Baxi boilers any good??

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Birches, Sep 5, 2006.

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    I'm looking at having my gas boiler replaced. It's a conventional stored hot water boiler, not the system type - i.e. pump, zone valves etc are seperate currently. It's for a big old 5 bed Victorian house, I've been advised that it's better to stick with a stored hot water system rather than going for a combi.

    A local BG contractor has suggested a Baxi unit, apparently they have just started doing one with a 5 year warranty (Platinum range, I think) - anyone got any opinions on the quality of these? He's also suggested a Potterton 24HE as a cheaper alternative. I'd rather pay a few extra quid and have something that will both be efficient and last a while - i.e. quality is, within reason, more important than price.

    Any opinions?
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    i have fitted many baxi boilers, and have always been happy with them, the manager at my plumbers merchants recommends them too, he told me that he has had fewer requests for the reps to go out to baxi than worcester. and theyre made in england. good value for money and as they give 5 years warrantee, i can't see a down side.
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    We had a condensing system Baxi installed just under four years ago. It has leaked from new. In that time we have paid over £300 service costs - it still leaks. Baxi are not interested in our complaints. The plumber is coming in two weeks to replace it with a make that works. In short our experience is that Baxi boilers are rubbish.

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