Baxi Solo 2 boiler cycling while heating is on

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Bardaks, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Bardaks

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    Cold weather is coming and we had some trouble with heating...
    It manifests during the night and as our bedroom is upstairs it did go unnoticed until we had to sleep in the spare room for a few days...

    This is the video from last winter.

    Note that during summer we had no problem while it was used to heat water.
    No noises or any signs of malfunctioning.

    It's enclosed in the kitchen cupboard with the only slight gap for ventilation... (so I plan to drill some more ventilation holes on the bottom for better air circulation)

    I can tell it was running very hot since it was installed (at one point fan seized and also had to replace the main wiring loom as all the connectors were blackened and brittle)

    Passed gas safety this summer.

    Any ideas?
  2. Jitender

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    I had this boiler at a property I rented out for a number of years.

    I used the same gas company to service the boiler and issue the gas safety certificates.

    Last year, a day after it had been serviced the tenants rang me telling me the heating/hot water wasn't working.

    I then rang the company as it seemed a slight coincidence that it had only been serviced the prior day.

    I employed another GS engineer and what he found was shocking; the combustion chamber seal was broken and repair had been made using silicone! There were also other faults, i.e. the fire back was broken, and the cast iron heat exchanger was badly corroded.

    Had to involved Gas Safe itself. This was about November time when the weather was cold, so not ideal.

    I had to go through trading standards and issue them a letter.

    Cutting a long story short, the company fitted a new boiler at a reduced price, and threw in next years service for free.

    All this probably doesn't help you, but the age of the boiler is quite old, although parts are still available it is best to consider spending the money on a new efficient boiler instead. They fitted a Vailant 415 open vent boiler with 7 years guarantee. Stayed with the old setup rather than switching to a combi.
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  3. The Teach

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    Maybe the vintage boiler is working to its best ability within the constraints of the system it is connected to ;)

    was the boiler actually serviced ?

    They dont need any extra compartment (kitchen cupboard) ventilation :)

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