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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Harry Stottle, May 13, 2019.

  1. Harry Stottle

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    I've asked a similar question of remainers "Give me one good reason why we should stay in". I'm still waiting.
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  2. spinlondon

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    Our exports and imports to the rest of Europe, won’t be subject to tariffs.
    We won’t need green cards to drive in Europe.
    We will have access to ECRIS.
    We will still be able to pop over to cheaper countries to buy cigs and booze.
    We won’t have to waste money employing extra immigration officers to vet everyone coming here from Europe.
    Poorer areas in Britain will continue to get grants.
    We won’t get e resurgence of the troubles in Northern Ireland.
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  3. Diyloser

    Diyloser Active Member

    How many of the above do you honestly believe will happen.
  4. spinlondon

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  5. Diyloser

    Diyloser Active Member

    Non that will have any long term effect.
  6. spinlondon

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  7. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    Do you honestly believe that places like Spain are going to say "yep, lets make it harder for the Brits to come on holiday here, we don't need any of their money anyway".

    There is only one way to find out if they will cut their nose off to spite their face with things like tariffs on goods and that to try it and see what happens. How will we ever know unless we go for it, most people on these forums are self employed I'll bet and I'm sure they were full of doom and gloom with what ifs with plenty of people trying to talk them out of it at the time, but they took a chance and I'll imagine now plenty of them are coining it in. Imagine if they'd sat back and said best play it safe hey, some would probably be stacking shelves by now.
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  8. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    We won’t get a resurgence of the troubles in Northern Ireland if we leave the EU.
    And frankly the scaremongers and warmongers should be stamped on for claiming such.
    We have a right lot of scum leading the Southern Irish government that have made biased hateful comments that need investigated.
    No wonder Ireland cannot be united with that lot
  9. kitfit1

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    TBF, we will get a resurgence of the troubles unless Westminster gets it's backside into gear and deals with getting the NIA back up and running in Stormont.
    This has been going on for so long now it makes you wonder if Westminster has any concept of democracy at all.
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  10. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    You'll probably find out within 2 years if things don't work out.

  11. spinlondon

    spinlondon Screwfix Select

    Sorry, didn’t know you had a crystal ball.
    Any chance on letting us know the numbers for today’s Euro Million’s?

    At the moment we have the Good Friday agreement which guarantees there will be free travel between NI and Eire.
    i.e. no checkpoints, no border control.
    If we leave the EU, there will have to be border control between NI and Eire, just the same as there will be border control between the rest of the UK and France at the Channel tunnel.

    If the UK breaks the Good Friday agreement by introducing border control between NI and Eire, there is a good chance that the hot heads in the IRA and other groups will start up the troubles again, especially when you consider there is an option in the Good Friday agreement for a referendum to determine whether NI should join with Eire or remain part of the UK.

    Breaking the Good Friday agreement will also not sit well with the USA, so any chance of a trade agreement with them, may well be scuppered.
  12. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    The UK will leave the EU but won't be putting up any sort of border, that's just how it is. If anyone else wants a border then they will have to put it up themselves. Whats the problem?
  13. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    LOL It doesn't matter much what the UK does. The EU works on the basis that if out of it there is a border and tariffs.. This is the main part of the problem all sides are having. While it's been called a deal it is but only in one respect - getting out of it. Nothing what so ever about the relationship afterwards and the EU is perfectly entitled to establish it's own boarders and if they work to their rules they will.

    Then what do the Brexit men say - we must have control of our borders. Clearly if none they must be doing it with smoke or something we can't see or experience. The invisible man is probably involved, lots of them.

  14. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    You know for ages before the referendum and for sometime after it the border or lack of one was never an issue, until one day someone with vested interests had a light bulb moment and dreamt up this nightmare scenario of how it was now impossible to leave.
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  15. Diyloser

    Diyloser Active Member

    The NI backstop is nothing more than a ploy to stop Brexit.

    The GFA will still be there as it is now.
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  16. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    I don’t have a crystal ball, but I guess you must have one?
    I was just replying to your words where you stated one of your reasons for not leaving the EU, -

    “We won’t get e resurgence of the troubles in Northern Ireland.”

    If it is all that fragile a peace, then how come remaining in the EU equals peace, Leave equals violence?

    The Good Friday Agreement (GFA) does guarantee free movement. Although we basically had that before the GFA anyhow.
    All parties agree to that.
    I would point out that there is still a border in many forms, - different jurisdictions, taxes including VAT, road signs (including speed limits in kilometres immediately on crossing any roads into the Irish Republic), Livestock laws, etc, and the Pound to the Euro difference.
    The GFA also guaranteed that NI remains part of U.K. so I hope we hear Americans complaining about the backstop.

    The real problem sits outside Brexit and is the failure of Westminster to get local government in NI working.
    Too much pandering to the threats of violence, without countering it and challenging it.
  17. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    Farage thinks he will still be representing the UK at the EU in November when asked why he was there last week given that he would have to come back soon.

    The transition period from "out" to really out is still 2020, 31 Dec actually. By that time it was thought that trade deals would have been settled. ;) Given the past few years really? Any agreement means a vote here and at the EU. Not clear what happens if a no deal out but it sounds like it will be defeated at this end one way or the other. Why - a number of MP will not vote for something that will make their constituents poorer. Should they - well they are supposed to do things that are good for us and the country and we vote for them to do just that. Actually if tariffs are applied into the EU it would be pretty savage in some areas. :) They have a bale out fund for lamb and beef. Wonder how long it will last.

    Seems the city is safe according to the new EU head of theirs but very probably only short term as other countries are very keen to get city jobs in their country. Making a sudden change would cause problems to all including the EU and lead to instability. Some aspects of this area have already gone anyway.

    Maybe certain much larger economies than ours would help ease the blows to encourage other EU countries to do the same. There is a lot of money about to encourage nationalism in europe. It's right wing and fits in well with some. Good at getting votes too.

    EU - End of October is decision time full stop so they might effectively chuck us out. Or the entire thing could be a farce to change how the EU works. That's what the 2 candidates think. Both are very probably scapegoats just like May was.


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