BCO says i need an opening window with my french doors

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  1. martin68

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    Hi guys please see my before and after pics of my proposed work, I currently have a pair of french doors with two high windows with top openers on each side, to me it looks ugly so i plan to remove the two side windows including the walls below them and install glass panels the same height as the french doors but the BCO said that I need to be able to open one of the new windows.
    It would be impossible to make them open unless i put a fan light on the top which again would spoil the effect of the symmetrical look of the fall height glass. Tilt and turn is a no no too because of the wide profile frames it would need, it may as well be another door! So what are my options? please see pics, ignore the double opening window to the far left of the picture, my main concern is the proposed 6 panel arrangement on the right side. The left side is no problem because i already have the far left window which is over the kitchen sink.
    But on the right I only have the velux windows that could be opened, but i forgot to mention that when the bco was here, and now wondering if there are any options instead of creating opening windows to the sides of the french doors. There is a dividing wall between the two sides.
    Any ideas most welcome. Before.jpg After.jpg
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  2. HarDeBloodyHarHar

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    Did the BCO give you the reason for needing an opening window?
  3. Isitreally

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    Wonder why they've ask for that. ??
  4. martin68

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    no he didnt give any reason he just said that i will need to have an opening window if i opted for fixed glass panels either side of my french doors as he was leaving so i didnt really have much chance to ask why as it was still sinking in as he left.
    I have also just checked Approved document F page 47 (attached below) it states that "Adequate purge ventilation may be achieved by the use of openable windows and/or external doors"

    Dose the term "and/or" mean that just having french doors should be acceptable?

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  5. HarDeBloodyHarHar

    HarDeBloodyHarHar Active Member

    Sliding vents(trickle vents) in the top framework. Ask your BCO if that is acceptable. Should be!
    Do you have an open fire or even a gas fire?
  6. Rulland

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    Unfortunately not all BCO's appear to work to the same guidelines, which they should, one may see things a little different to another, unfortunately, contact them and and ask for written confirmation of requirements relating to your concerns.
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  7. Allsorts

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    Are the skylights openers? Could one be made so?

    But first seek clarification of the reason behind what he said.
  8. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    I'd be interested in there reasoning. If the skylights are openable a you say then that should suffice.

    Also the Regs guidance does allow for an extract fan instead of a window:

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  9. KIAB

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    Very true.
  10. Richard_

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    Having worked in several other countries I've grown to appreciate the ambiguity of the UK regs. Most countries have a prescriptive approach that you need certain bits of paper and exact features must be present in the building. In this country the requirement is that you must demonstrate that the building will meet appropriate performance criteria.

    Many countries would specify the exact size of something like an opening kitchen window, no argument about it. This country says an opening area, or perhaps a fan instead, or you can propose an alternative if you want. It doesn't say what that alternative is, you can make up whatever you want as long as you can give a reasoned explanation.

    The UK approach gives scope for interpretation which can be good, although the resulting ambiguity can be frustrating.
  11. HarDeBloodyHarHar

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    DAllsorts, no wonder you ponce about talking twaddle all the time. Read the damn stuff and learn it before talking rubbish.

  12. Allsorts

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    That's really quite unnecessary, Mr Ha.
  13. PhilSo

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    Every day is a school day. :D
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    That's really quite necessary, Phil.
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