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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by panlid, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. panlid

    panlid New Member

    guys, where the cheapest place to buy a belle mixer
  2. Jason123

    Jason123 New Member

    More info required Sid, 110v, or Briggs and Stratton, or Honda Engine. Machine Mart do a nice 3 phase job with 180 litre mix capacity, only 2700 quid. hey, you'd be ditching the van and pricing jobs on the new mixer. Cheap ones start around 246 quid
  3. Jason123

    Jason123 New Member


    would that do, 209 notes ex vat

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  4. Jason123

    Jason123 New Member

    I think SF is cheaper than that;)
  5. combo man

    combo man New Member

    Why not cast your own coping stones? fix a 2" square timber on both sides of the wall level with the top, a 4" shutter on the low side and a 5" shutter on the high side this will give you a good fall, dont forget to close the cavity with either slate or Eternite and fix a drip using plastic cable fixed to the shutter.

    You may need expansion joint if the wall is very long.The concrete mix will need vibrating, you can use an electric drill on hammer action without a drill bit fixed. Hope this helps

    Regards from Combo Man
  6. panlid

    panlid New Member

    just ordered one of sf. not a bad price. cheers
  7. Jason123

    Jason123 New Member

    You didnt fancy making your own coping instead then:):)
  8. Sid, if you get a Belle, dont forget to take off the little bolt at the back and fill it with machine oil.
    i had to get a newy last week (Belle 240 volt) cus I never put any in my old one ..although it lasted three years it would have gone alot longer with a drop of oil i suppose.
    I also have a huge diesel Benford concrete mixer, takes about fifty odd mix is just enough from it when I am repointing for the day!!!!!!

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