Best and worst car you have ever owned.

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by Captain Leaky, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Cliff Rees

    Cliff Rees Active Member

    Must have been very lucky as enjoyed all the cars I have owned even the two Lada's. First one towed 5 berth caravan over Pyrenese above snow line without complaint. Even sold them back to Russia when at the end of their useful life. Possible exception Mk 2 Cortina bought at auction with hidden signs of severe abuse by previous owner. Still using my 1956 Ford 100E.
  2. JOMEL

    JOMEL Screwfix Select

    Best is my 1995 TOYOTA CAMRY purchased new 128k miles on it now still used ever day

    Worst 3.4lts XJS Jaguar 20 months old. I got a swap to an MR2 after 10 weeks of break downs

    Johnny M
  3. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    Best, Honda Civic 1.7 CDTI, all the rest were good but did not come anywhere near the Honda. Got a Renault Clio 1.5 CDTI on a 16 plate at the moment, reliable and cheap to run but is un inspiring and the boot is too small, no spare and a plastic front.
  4. MozzyMarr

    MozzyMarr Member

    It is really hard to decide my best as I liked my old Panda and my current Fabia just as much for different reasons. The Skoda Fabia is a more practical and useful car though, it is also nicer to drive. I've had it since new but it is approaching 5 years old as it is a higher spec model I am worried some of the tech might start going wrong such as the front assist radar breaking system.

    My Panda was a 2010 I also had since new, it was a base spec though but at least I could fix some things myself, the problem with the Panda is it need fixing a lot, but it was always very cheap silly things such as a loose ECU connector or bad earth connections.

    My worse car was a 1999 Corsa B I bought when I passed my test, it was just under 10 years old. I was a bit paranoid about it being road worthy so I put new tyres on it, replaced the worn shocks, a damaged spring (pair), CV boots and a load of other issues. I spent close to £1000 over a year on that car, only for the head gasket to then fail. I got shot and start buying brand new cars ever since. I tend to keep my new cars for at least 7 years.

    I also had two Fiestas which were bad, but paid nothing for them and got shot of them very quickly.
  5. Ross Curtis

    Ross Curtis Member

    Best? My Mk2 golf. Solid workhorse, cheap as chips to run, drank fuel though. Eventually written off by a skip lorry.

    Worst? The hyundai i20 courtesy car I had while it was being sorted. Awful, thing basically tried to drive itself - it would literally yank the wheel off you.

    I'm on motorbike only these days, which I kind of prefer tbh.

    You've got 2 problems with traffic round here - either it's bad and you're going slow and it takes forever or it's quiet and everyone is dawdling about and it takes forever. Motorbike is a good solution to avoid much of that timewasting aggro, plus it's a nice thing to go for a long ride on weekends and saves on petrol costs. Plus it makes women swoon and throw themselves naked at me (ha)

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