best bathroom white matt emulsion please ?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by hilton, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. hilton

    hilton New Member

    hi which is the best white emulsion in matt can we buy for a bathroom please , cheers in advance
  2. potty painter

    potty painter New Member


    The application of a matt emulsion in such areas such as bathrooms and kitchens can somtimes become a problem due to the humidity factor.

    They are worthy within themselves of absorbing a certain amount of moisture. But they do have their limits!!

    Dulux here seem to come out on top, and although the argument rages on, there is an application that seems to beat all others.

    Dulux Trade Fungicidal Matt!!! If however your bathroom suffers from mould growth, this needs to be removed and killed off before application.

    If unsure please ask for further advice.

  3. hilton

    hilton New Member

    Thank you ,the bathroom is well ventelated so yes i will get the Dulux paint you talked about , and thanks again now i know,

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