Best circular saw size for cutting rafers? 190mm or 230mm

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by fobos, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. fobos

    fobos Member

    Hello there

    I've been doing more and more "cut" roofs these days so I think I need to get myself sorted with a decent circular saw.

    I'm interested in any size recommendations people have. 190 or 230mm. My mate has a old Hitachi 190mm saw which I've been using which feels nice and light but it struggles to cut when the timbers are wet.

    Typical timber dims are 7x2

    What do other people use and what size would you recommend?

    Many thanks, Andrew
  2. Guest

    Maybe Mafell.
  3. fobos

    fobos Member

    which size in the mafell range?
  4. Guest

    Well personally i would get the 230mm, always prefer having facility to cut bigger stuff if needed don't believe they make a 190mm. Sorry if that lead you down the garden path, D&M tools have their complete range i think
  5. fobos

    fobos Member

    so you reckon a 230mm saw?

    I realise that the extra power of this will be usefull to cut through wet timber but in the past I've always bought tools that are nice to handle all day long.

    Most 230mm saws are 7kg ish and I'm just wondering if the extra weight is gonna be a struggle.

    What about a really powerfull 190mm saw that could cut through wet wood? Does one exist?
  6. Guest

  7. fobos

    fobos Member

    anyone else got any recomendations?
  8. +

    + New Member

    the biggest chainsaw u can possibly buy

    the original bon crappe:)
  9. foxy

    foxy New Member

    I have an old Skil Orca 190mm which is fine on joists. Just as important a consideration is the blade. If your mate hasn't got a good sharp blade (freud is best imo) in his Hitachi I suggest fitting one and trying it again, you will be amazed.

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