Best combi drill for around £100?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by MozzyMarr, Jul 4, 2021.

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    I know there a lot of variables in this question. I made a post about repairing my second drill that needs new brushes but they are built into the motor so I have decided it is not worth repairing.

    I currently have a Makita G series combi and impact driver which are my daily drivers (medium DIY stuff). I also have a corded Dewalt I use when I have a lot of masonry drilling to do. My Makita impact driver is fantastic but the drill is a bit weak, while it has worked perfectly in the four years I've had it I think it is time this became my second drill.

    I have narrowed it down to three choices:-
    Bosch Pro (blue) 18v-55, 2 x 2 AH batteries, brushless and metal chuck for £100.

    Makita DHP482 with 1 x3 AH battery (not sure if it comes with a fast charger) for £107 but this is not brushless and I do like the idea of a brushless one. It also has a plastic chuck rather than metal.

    Dewalt DCD709P1T with 1 5ah battery, this is brushless, extremely compact and is £130.

    Battery capacity is not a major issue if I have two batteries as I can just leave on charge and lower capacity batteries are lighter.

    I looked at some of the cheaper brands but they are not cheap enough but didn't really want to spend more than £100.

    Most my other tools are corded and are mostly a mixture of Dewalt and Makita with a few cheap brands for tools I don't use all the time. However I am not too fussed about going totally cordless, it is all DIY and all tend to stay here so an extension lead isn't too much of an issue. For this reason I am inclined to with the Bosch, the drill is the cheapest to buy and the batteries are also a bit cheaper than Dewalt and Makita. The downside is the rest of the range is more limited compared to Dewalt and Makita but I don't think this is a major issue for me.

    A few years ago Dewalt started to get a bad reputation and Bosch and Makita were considered more durable is this is still the case?
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    I have a predecessor to the Bosch one, several years old and still going strong. With the 2AH it runs fine, but you do need the second one ready and charged.

    I always suggest handling them all to see which feels best and then make the choice. The Bosch can also be registered for a 3 year warranty which is another plus point.
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