Best DIY tool or method to create a flat face on a needle roller bearing ?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by free_flyer, May 27, 2022.

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    Because 3 flat faces are required - read my explanation below (or watch the explanation in the video about how a magnetic switch works):
    • The red colour shows the bearing is magnetised with the south pole of the magnet
    • The blue colour shows the bearing is magnetised with the north pole of the magnet
    To turn the magnet switch on, the bottom set of magnets are moved so that the magnetic fields repel the top set of magnets - this holds the steel plate in place...


    To turn the magnet switch off, the bottom set of magnets are moved so that the magnetic fields attract with the top set of magnets - this allows the steel plate to come away (because the magnetic fields are effectively short circuited)...


    • One flat face is needed where the magnets make contact with the bearings for the magnetic fields to flow efficiently (i.e. no air gap)
    • The other flat faces are needed for the magnetic fields to flow efficiently (i.e. no air gap)
      • These flat faces also allow the bottom and top sets to move with minimum friction

    Its the same principle of how magnetic switches in instruments like DTIs (dial test indicators), but my design is just in a different layout


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  2. MRY

    MRY Screwfix Select

    Can you actually use magnetic cubes?
  3. free_flyer

    free_flyer Member

    The magnets can be cube shape, but its the 'poles' I am struggling with.

    Magnetic switches require two parts - the magnets themselves AND the 'poles' which are the steel parts - these cannot be magnets but must but a ferromagnetic material such as steel.

    For the poles I tried using square rod cut into cubes and also needle roller bearings. The prototype I made using needle roller bearings works, BUT I need to use smaller magnets and poles (to make the packaging smaller) but because of the air gap the holding force will be far too low.

    Its the poles (i.e. steel parts) I am struggling with, as I cant find any thing off the shelf so they have to be made. Outsourcing custom made parts is very expensive which I am even more reluctant to do as I need to test a prototype to see how well it works first.

    Theres also the issue of holding the poles (steel parts) in the casing, otherwise the magnetic force will pull them out (the casing will be a 3D printed part).

    Gluing them in the casing is not ideal, but if I can use the spherical bearings and split the casing into two halves which is then screwed together (as shown in my earlier post), then the poles will stay in place.
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    This is an old post.
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