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Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Sick on the Cat, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Sick on the Cat

    Sick on the Cat New Member

    What do you think the best engine ever made is?

    My vote would have to go to a Ford V8 powerstroke. Loads of Torque, power & one of the most reliable engines ever made.

  2. nigel

    nigel Guest

    Best in what context, V8 hardly frugal on juice?
  3. PowerTool

    PowerTool New Member

    Cosworth DFV - Costin and Duckworths best race engine.

    Or possibly the BDA from the Mk I Escort RS1600
  4. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    bmw 2.5 six potter
  5. Bigplumber

    Bigplumber New Member

    V8 Chevvy small block 4.2 litre or a V12 Jag 5.3. Both as smooth as silk and make a great noise.
  6. chemat

    chemat New Member

    I like AE's choice - but being a diesel freak I reckon the early nineties (& prior) Peugeot/Citroen 1.9 non-turbo XUD diesel for reliability, pulling power & longevity.
  7. Sick on the Cat

    Sick on the Cat New Member


    best as in your favourite. V8's are as economical as you want them to be. Currently getting more MPG from the V8 powerstroke (24- 25 mpg) than we are from our 2 1/4 leight weigh Landrover (lucky to get 20mpg). so not that bad considering the V8 is over 3 times bigger.

    Audi.. true, the beamer straight 6 is an awesome engine. I loved mine. Great sound.
  8. Sick on the Cat

    Sick on the Cat New Member


    thought you would have gone for the 2.3 5cylinder audi engine. I had one in my 89 coupe, so much fun!!
  9. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    well i was always a bm fanatic (e30 325is)
    went off them when the e36 arrived and switched to audi.
    If i went for an audi it would be the rs4, 2.7 bi-turbo,
    380 horseys and 0-60 4.9sec.
    or the v8, 450bhp! nice.
    But why i said the 2.5bm is because they were available to most people at affordable prices.
    There are loads of super cars out there (like the 1700bhp supra) but will we ever get our hands on one?
    So pound for pound it has to be the bmw 325is,
    you can pick up a good one for £1500 light touch paper and away you go!
  10. Sick on the Cat

    Sick on the Cat New Member

    good point. I really loved the 2.3 5cyl tho. Theres a specialist near me and they can tune them to 300bhp + and thats the normally asperated version. Fast as hell.

    Iv still got loads of bit from my old e30 coupe (i rolled it) unripped seats! Radiator, tow bar, complete toolkit. must get round to stuffin it on ebay soon.
  11. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    i keep getting an itch to do a 325is e30 testorossa wide body conversion but mrs audi will cut em off!
    still might be worth it though!
    She doesn't understand, WE NEED TOYS!
  12. SDSMax

    SDSMax New Member

    the 49cc single cyl 2-stroke that used to be in my FS1E!
  13. Sick on the Cat

    Sick on the Cat New Member

    Too rite we do. If I see something i want & iv got the money i just buy it... everything else can wait. Im not very good with money. if iv got it i'll spend it.

    Iv got a lovely Seagull outboard at home. Think its only 1 or 2 horse power. oh yeah.
  14. chemat

    chemat New Member

    SotC - Ah, yes - the old Seagull! You could set it up so just a hand flick of the exposed flywheel would set it running! No clutch, no reverse... And the monster 8COM spark plug that you could take apart... About a simple as you could get. A real classic.
  15. tinybuggy

    tinybuggy New Member

    last yr i would have said the citroen turbo diesel 8 valve, but now it has to be the 16 valve unit i have in my c5. superchipped as well 140 bhp and buckets full of torque. with the added economy.
  16. chemat

    chemat New Member

    TB - I'm reckoning to buy a Focus estate with that engine in it (made in partnership with Citroen/Peugeot). What mpg do you get - is it a 6 speed box?
  17. rcplumber

    rcplumber New Member

    what about the TS3 Commer 2stroke diesel? 3 cylinders and 6 pistons was supercharged as well...smoked like a pig but very interesting
    or how about R.A.Lister and there little type "D"? made in the early 30's and over 3/4 of a million were made untill production stoped in the late 50's
  18. chemat

    chemat New Member

    RCP: Commer: Yeah but what a noisy engine it was! But the Lister - now your talking - I've got a 30sec recording of a 'Lister JP2 taking it easy'. Not sure if its the same as the 'D' type but it sounds wonderful (sad really...)
  19. rcplumber

    rcplumber New Member

    my brother is the proud owner of a JP4, shame its a non runner at the moment :( the JP2 is a lovely engine :) I can talk old engines for ever. the Petter 2strokes were nice when they are working, run a bit rough on light loads
  20. chemat

    chemat New Member

    Does anybody make petrol/paraffin engines now - I believe Kelvin used to - there were quite a few in boats back along - huge flywheels! Couple of frineds had a 2 cyl one that was so clapped out they had to decoke it after every day's fishing! They replaced it with a 3 cyl (I think) air-cooled Lister.

    And - did you ever read the book 'The Log of the Maken' - some guys bought a Norwegian (?) sailing (+ motor) lifeboat that when in use as a lifeboat would remain at sea off the coast for days at a time. Anyway - the engine was a (primitive - I guess!) diesel which when they wanted to start it they had to warm it up (if I remember correctly) with a blowlamp, which itself had to be warmed up on the stove - took a minimum of 20mins to get the engine going. I seem to remember, too, that it had no clutch & only a forward gear - so they had to switch it off well before reaching the quay because it would run on for ages on just the fumes apparently!

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