Best material for joists before tiling

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    I am having a small extension done. On the first floor there will be a single room (not a bathroom) which I will be having tiled with large natural slate tiles. There will, however, be a bathroom below.

    What is the best material to put on the joists before tiling? I have read that chipboard isn't really recommended and also some say no to wbp plywood.

    Any advice would be welcomed.

  2. DIYDave.

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    Probably best material is James Hardie Floor

    Do a Google and read up. Bead of adhesive on joists then screwed down - ready to tile (but follow manufacturers instructions fully

    Chipboard, floorboards, ply, all ok to tile on, as long as in good condition and correct prep is carried out. It’s essential there’s no flex in joists or deflection as even flexible, powdered (bagged) adhesive and grout may suffer from failure if wooden floor moves

    As uv got exposed joists, could always add extra noggins to further stiffen up

    Can tile over timber as long as it’s primed with an SBR type acrylic primer 1st (Not PVA) and it’s been correctly prepped and it’s stiff

    Or overboard timber floor with Hardie Board (again look up on website) and tile away

    As usual, several ways to do this job :)

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