best mitre saw for under £200?

Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by scunnered, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. scunnered

    scunnered New Member

    Any suggestions? its not for everyday use, just for the odd job here and there
  2. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    I would say they are all pretty much the same in that price range, go to the screwfix reviews on mitre saws and read the trade user reviews and not so much the diyers and that should give you a pretty good idea on what's good, consider what you will mainly use it for, 1st fix 2nd fix, will you want good angle ranges, is it to be portable or fixed, once you have a bit of an idea google mitre saws under £200 and you will find an even bigger range than here, not that i am knocking the sf range......
  3. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    what capacity are you after
    pull saw gives best width and some will let you trench and cut tennons
  4. scunnered

    scunnered New Member

    Its going to be used for skirting boards and coving, I suppose an all rounder
  5. removed 7

    removed 7 New Member

    "Not for everyday use - just the odd job"................

    So, make your own timber mitre box and use a good quality handsaw!

    It isn't such a difficult thing to consruct.

    How do you think skirtings and covings were cut in those magnificent Georgian and Victorian buildings - before lazy electric tools were used?

    Fair enough, if you're a modern tradesman doing this stuff every single day - but just the odd job here and there?..............        Pfffftttttt!

  6. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    On the other hand not many diyers can cut such a great line with a handsaw and plus boys like toys
  7. scunnered

    scunnered New Member

    I'm a painter and decorator, now living in finland. I have now found myself doing all kinds of renovation work, its all panelled ceilings everywhere. Cant be wasting time cutting repetitive joints on my wee mitre box "like is said the odd job not the odd DIY job
  8. removed 7

    removed 7 New Member

    Yes Twiggy, boys certainly like toys right enough.........  But for occassional use, there's little point to buying a state of the art cutter when a good handsaw (in the right hands)  with a mitre box will do a better job. I'm sure that the experienced and mature carpenters/joiners here would agree.

    Besides which, the O/P wants to keep below £200 - so any machine  he gets at that price is bound to cut an angle of 45, at 47 degrees or thereabouts............

  9. removed 7

    removed 7 New Member

    Well why didn't you bloody well say that the first time, Scunny?

  10. removed 7

    removed 7 New Member

    Why don't you join a Finnish forum if you now live there?  TheScadinavians know a thing or two about cutting softwood.........

  11. scunnered

    scunnered New Member

    They're answer would be "there is no point buying a cheap saw + 9 times out of 10 you get good answers on this forum
  12. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    what size off skirting  as this will limit your choice
  13. removed 7

    removed 7 New Member

    Come come, Scunny!  You've asked for "best under £200"............

    Best of the worst, perhaps?

  14. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    The one thing that normally lets down the cheaper end of the market is the quality of the blade, once you have chosen your saw invest in a fine tooth blade, more teeth the better for what you want to do.
  15. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    as an aside

    every buisiness will remove most off the negative reveues and leave a tokwen few to make it look plausable so look at the last 10% to get a more accurate summary off quality
  16. kitchenator

    kitchenator Guest

    Do a search for the <strong style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; text-align: -webkit-auto;">Hitachi[/b] C8FSE. You should get one for around £200 and won't do much better in that price bracket.
  17. Bee

    Bee Guest

    One bit of advice pal........don't buy Erabeur!

    I'm trade user but only give my chop saw minor use. (Mainly use a table saw + rail saw)

    Its a good for what it doeS (great spec for the money) but its made from butter. Bits keep breaking off ( I mean the alloy base/plastic handles).  When its loaded in and out of vans it just doesn't travel well and I try to be as careful with my tools as possible.  Maybe I just got a dud with a weak casting.  Wish i bought second hand DW now for the same money.
  18. scunnered

    scunnered New Member

    I bought a RYOBI mitre and table saw combo for under £200 and its the business!

    I've been using it alot mostly laminate and skirting but I highly recommend it

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