best non yellowing gloss/satin paint?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by ramsat, Aug 29, 2018.

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    i was wondring if someone can offer some advice. i'm painting my new extension, i've always used dulux trade gloss on skirtings etc in the past but i've read that now with the changes it goes yellow quickly. i've also read that the water based satin and gloss shows brush marks and isn't very good. i would prefer a gloss but not if it's going to go yellow straight away, so could go for a satin/eggshell or something.

    has anyone got any recommendations of what make/type of paint would be best?

    thanks in advance
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    Can recommend Crown Trade FastFlow Gloss and Primer Undercoat, apply 2 undercoats on new timber followed by 2 gloss coats for a superb high gloss finish. Have been using FastFlow for a good three years now and tried a few other brands in's so good I did my own property with it.

    Purdy Monarch Elite are my weapon of choice. ;)
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    I’ve also been banging on about the Crown Fastflow for ages on this site

    It’s way way better than the Johnstones - almost behaves like an oil based paint (almost)

    As with a lotta things, technique and equipment is also important

    Fastflow on special offer at mo from The Paint Shed (was 2 weeks ago anyway)
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    thanks guys for the advice i'll have a look at those.

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