Best Oil Boilers?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by sinewave, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. sinewave

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    Will need an Oil Boiler replacing soon in a 4 bed House with 2 Baths.

    Current unit is a combi but am looking at having a Tank maybe?

    Grant Boilers seem to be rated best by WHICH magazine however their warranty is only 2 years?

    Any views from the Oil Guys?

    Cheers in advance! :D
  2. KIAB

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  3. Thought you had and recommended heat pumps.
    Copy of a post from 2012.

    Rip it out and install a decent Air Source Heat Pump.

    No Oil to rob, no tank and cheaper running costs as well if your house is reasonable insulated etc etc.

    Tiz what I did on my own Gaff
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  4. sinewave

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    Cheers Kiab,

    I've had a Mistral in the past and tbh it wasn't that reliable.

    Cost is not an issue in this case, reliability, performance, quietness and a decent guarantee are prime requirements.
  5. sinewave

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    Not anymore Deleted member 11267! ;)
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  7. yorkyguy

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    Had 2 Worcesters on an open vent Honeywell S plan system, twin coil cylinder, 14 rads, gravity DHW 4 oven Aga OEB and 90 galls hot water per day for 30 plus years! Didn't bother with an immersion heater:rolleyes:. If it aint broke................keep it simple.

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