Best table saw for a workshop

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  1. big all

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    yes off course a panel saw is fantastic iff wall mounted and cannot be beat
    but in general track saw light and portable against _______
  2. gpierce

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    I love my tracksaw on site, but don't use it in the workshop tonnes. I find it useful for rough cutting 8x4 sheets down to something more manageable but then all final cuts go through the table saw. It depends on your use case. If I'm making a cabinet, I know once I've set the fence that the sides and top will all be the same depth. Tracksaws are versatile, but without a full MFT style cutting station repeatability isn't their strong point. That's not to say I can't accurately cut the pieces for a cabinet with a tracksaw, but time is money, and having a good sized table saw makes very quick and light work of repeat cuts.
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  3. Scott Green

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    +1 as above

    If you have the room and budget, a panel saw has endless uses for manufacturing. Quicker and repeatedly accurate.
  4. KIAB

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    Elcon is one brand, who's vertical panal saws feature a double cut scoring system.
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    Fair enough, I've never seen one.

    KEVIN NAIRN Member

    Schepppach table saws are fantastic, but you need the scoring blade as well or the MFC will chip even with a new multitooth blade. I am a D&T technician and ex chippy/builder and we've had a Schepppach for 17 years, sometimes running ALL DAY. If you get a tracksaw you can stick masking tape to the top face, but it can still chip. The blade knackers out quickly as the wood glue takes the edge off it. Kevin
  7. goldenboy

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    My advice is that if you are intent on buying a saw to use in a workshop on a professional basis then you need to buy the best you can afford.

    Get as big a saw as you can. I started off working in workshops with vast panel saws. When I got my own workshop I initially bought cheap and thought I would make do. That was a mistake. The cost of time lost resolving problems was way in excess of the cost of the "upgrade" to a better and bigger saw.

    I then just looked for a scaled down version of the panel saws I started off working with. And bought the biggest one that would fit in the area of the unit set aside for the saw.

    DIY or light use you can blag it with a sub £1000 saw and get away with it. On a professional basis you need to spend if you are going to produce clean edges quickly and accurately.

    Rojek would absolutely be my recommendation. Both my panel saw and my planer/thicknesser are Rojek. They will run all day without missing a beat.
  8. AlvyChippy

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    JET or the Record (if you can get those) one is best for truly best value+ truly professional saws, even more expensive, but even better (more reliable). Parts for JET are easier get hold off, even, once particular model goes out of date ;)
  9. Gringo28

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    No one has mentioned Mafell which sf sell.
    It has a scoring function,,,,

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