Best tool for chopping off plaster?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Hoskie, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Hoskie

    Hoskie New Member

    Hi Lads, Could anyone tell me which they consider to be the best SDS Drill for chopping off plaster. I need something that can be used continously for this job as its not just a one off job.

    Cheers chaps!
  2. ultimatehandyman

    ultimatehandyman New Member

    Hi Hoskie,

    The last time I removed plaster was with a dewalt SDS drill, 240v. Unfortunately the drill was stuck on hammer action, but was great for chisselling. I now have the bosch multidrill, which is great but a little heavy if you are doing lots and lots of chisselling.

    I once tried using an air chisel, run from my compressor that was outside. That only lasted a few hours and then broke beyond repair!

    A spade is good if the plaster has really badly perished.

    I'd go for a bosch SDS, but a light weight one perhaps like this-bosch sds

    3 year warranty as well!

  3. Hoskie

    Hoskie New Member

    Cheers UHM, looked at he link ad I fear the drill shown will not cope with the amount of work that I need it to do. The properties that I am working on ard to be injected with DPC so there is a **** load of knocking off to do and at the moment I have 10 houses to do so looking for someting a little more robust, just uncertain what to get as its gonna cost a wack of cash and dont wanna waste my money.

    Cheers Hoskie
  4. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

  5. Hoskie

    Hoskie New Member

    cheers britishblue, might just consider doing that. I have a cheap and nasy one at the moment that I intend to use till it dies on me then will replace it with another one.
  6. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter Active Member

    I've possibly got a similar job coming up, so I was thinking the same.

    However I'm dealing with firm modern sand/cement render with multifinish on it.

    It's got to come off to 1200mm from the floor for damp proofing.

  7. skinny d

    skinny d New Member

    I'm only a part-timer so bought a £50 1050W SDS from Argos. The thing is more than man enough to remove sand/cement render (up to 3" thick in places!!!) and went on for a whole house worth of removing sand/cement ceiling high, and many other jobs after that.

    In the end it died so I got a new one under guarantee. Luckily I only work on the place in the evenings so can get a replacement on my way to work the next day. I've heard many people get two, one as backup and treat them as disposable. I've never had the cash or need for a super expensive bosch/dewalt one so cant comment on how good they are.
  8. ultimatehandyman

    ultimatehandyman New Member

    Hi Hoskie,

    Sounds like you have a major job on your hands!

    If you do as BB suggests will you let us know how you get on with the two cheap SDS machines?

    A friend of mine bought two of these, but a different make than the one above. One was for himself and one was for his mate. They are both broken now and not economical to repair, however one of them was still under guarantee and when he took it back to the shop the guy told him not to use it on chisel action as that are no good and will break lol.

    There are quite a few different makes of these machines about now, it would be interesting to see how long they will last when being hammered all day!


  9. Boff

    Boff New Member

    I use a Makita SDS with a Makita SDS tile chisel and have stripped loads of rooms back to brick with it. Goes through it like butter - you come out looking like a yeti with all the dust though :)
  10. gardm1nt

    gardm1nt New Member

    I use the dedicated bosch chipping hammer GS53E most of my work is stripping off wall and floor tiles and it copes well even with cemented down thick quarys.

    Previously I used and still do on ocashion my work horse 3kg sds makita HR3000c. Both these machines work well for chaseing etc although i decided to split the work load between the two. if you could use a good SDS drill as well then the Makita is the man and slightly more powerful than the multidrill.
  11. Hoskie

    Hoskie New Member

    Cheers lads. Did the first property today (well my labourer did) it took from 11 till half 4 for him to do a standard size sittingroom and a hall way chopping off the lower meter. He said drill worked fine (my old cheap one) sadly he worked slowly.
  12. The Hay

    The Hay New Member

    BandQ have rotary-stop hammer sds for 20 quid at the moment.
    Have to battle through pishy grannys, xmas trees and screaming kids but, come on 20 quid! Stick it straight on the estimate as a consumable and bobs yer uncle...
  13. slapiton

    slapiton New Member

    if you are that miserable hoskie why don,t you buy your sad labourer a 6 inch bolster for your 10 houses. my ****.
  14. dj.

    dj. New Member

    slappers-son i think you will find that hoskie has got ten houses to do not the fact that he owns all ten. read the post before you reply, you dipstick.
  15. Hoskie

    Hoskie New Member

    Splapiton. I am working on a housing estate for a housing association. So by the end of the contract I will probably done more like 30 houses. Was it something I said?
  16. Know it all

    Know it all New Member

    i've just upgraded my 3 dewalt 6kg hammers to the new dewalt 7kg hammers and when i have a job like that, i just get my eastern europen boys to do the job, £50 a day!

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