Best tool to remove dried tile adhesive?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by QfanatiQ, Jun 30, 2012.

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    I whiel back I had tiles laid in the bathroom with underfloor (electric) heating.

    I am not fitting a threshold to bridge the gapand difference in levels.

    Some of the tile adhesive is beyond the tile edge and needs removing. Just to see how solid it was, I gently took a duff screwdriver and tapped with a hammer to no avail, but I was being gentle.

    I need to get the adhesive to the same line as the tile in order to fit the threshold. The adhisive has seeminlgy set like concrete. What woudl be the best way to whack this back? I cannot imagine any hard hitting to the edge will result in any tile breakage.

    Do I need a suitable chisle or am I way of track with those thoughts?

  2. You could try a multi tool, ie bosch gop or fein with a tile scraper blade.
  3. QfanatiQ

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    Thanks, so new to this, did not know such things existed. Thats going to definatly do the job.


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