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Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by Mark121, May 15, 2019.

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    I've recently had to remove some damaged ceilings that are beyond repair in an old house renovation. When I've pulled the plaster and wooden laths, there is a massive amount of soot and dust coming down too.

    I'll need to vacuum this all up and I've been told I need a special type of vacuum for soot - what is the best budget vacuum for this on Screwfix?

  2. Mr Rusty

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    You don't need a "special" vacuum as such. Technically soot is a "hazardous dust" as far as HSE are concerned, and therefore technically if you are a business or an employer you should use a Type H or H-Class vacuum (virtually the same spec - the categorisations arise from different BS's - which I can't be bothered to go into).

    However, any vac will pick soot up - it's just dirty horrible stuff that will make the innards of your vac black for ever. For a budget vac just get one of the tank vacs from the Titan range.

    Use a face mask and gloves and you'll be fine.
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    I feel for you. We sold a VIctorian semi a few years back, and it turned out that the loft insulation had been laid directly over an accumulation of dust and soot similar to that you describe. Prior to putting the house on the market I decided to chuck the old insulation, clean up the areas between the joists and put new insulation down. I did all the right things apart from one: facemask, gloves etc etc, but still finished the job each day coughing from the dust and with hair, ears and nose thick with black goo. This happened because rather than using a vacuum, I elected to clean up the dust using a dustpan and brush, and therefore I existed in a black dust cloud for several days whilst filling several bags with the stuff. No wonder they all died of consumption in the old days.

    So yes, a basic Titan wet and dry vac, but be prepared to throw it away when you've finished.

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