Best way to bring extension screed up to kitchen tile level

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    UKSPEED New Member

    I've recently had an extension off the kitchen where the screed is up to level of the original floor.

    I'm wanting to lay a vinyl click flooring in the kitchen flowing out into the extension.

    Rather than taking the existing kitchen tiles up, I'd like to lay this over the top. This means there is a 'tile depth' drop into the extension currently.

    What would be the best way to build this up to the same level?

    Note the extension is approx 3x3m
  2. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Leveling compound would usually be used, but most likely you would having bonding issues with the tiles, so would look at laying plywood instead to make up the thickness required.

    UKSPEED New Member

    Thanks for your reply KIAB.

    The build-up would only need to be in the extension area though, up to the level of the tiles.

    Ply does sound the best solution though.

    Would you suggest a DPM with ply screwed down to hold it in place?
  4. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if Hardie ez-grid for floors might be part of the solution, however, it is only 6mm thick. Is there a competitor product that can be used on floors and maybe 9 or 10 mm thick.

    UKSPEED New Member

    Interesting, not come across that before.

    Looks like they do it in a 12mm also.

    I've just measured the drop and it is approx 14mm. Still scratching my head a little..
  6. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    Was there no DPM laid under the screed / insulation ?

    Levelling compound is lovely stuff and although everyone says ‘blah blah blah it’s not actually self levelling - you have to help it’ - it’s not terribly difficult to use and get a great result. If there’s two of you on the job, even better

    14mm will take a fair few sacks of mix, although we don’t know the floor area

    Could make up 14mm with ply, OSB, tile backer, etc. SBR mix painted onto screed and bond sheets with no nails kinda stuff

    If you can’t fully make 14mm, get close and finish with self leverler - should work out cheaper a mix of board and leveller

    I’m only diy me so may be talking pish :)
  7. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    The OP states 3m x 3m ...

    And is the 14mm to the base of the tiles? If so he needs to stop at somewhere from 10-12mm.

    UKSPEED New Member

    Yes there is a DPM and insulation under screed, just trying to be extra precaution if putting wood directly down I guess.

    UKSPEED New Member

    14mm is from the screed level of the extension, up to the top of the tiles in the kitchen (ie the part you walk on).
  10. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    I'm only diy me and don't pretend to have done this exact job myself but .......

    DPM in place so all good
    Floor screeded so a solid base to work from
    Give screed a brush over with SBR Primer to seal - follow instructions on tub but will be diluted with water
    Use 12mm OSB sheets, tongue and groove even better
    Bond sheets to screed using big blobs of contact adhesive - I like the solvent free stuff as doesn't skin over instantly, squishes flat nicely and you don't need that instant grab that the solvent stuff gives, but can be a pain to use over a large area
    Use a foaming PU glue on T&G joint - Gorilla Glue or similar
    When glue totally dry, any excess foam can be easily trimmed back with a blade / wide chisel - don't try this if foam still tacky.....big mess !
    2mm layer of self leveller - I've used Mapei a few times and very nice to use, excellent results. 2mm only so wont need that much, coverage guide online so calculate
    Buy extra, unopened sacks can be returned to store
    Ready for your vinyl

    Before starting, check with a long edge how flat the screed is. Any dips you may want to even out with self leveller before laying the OSB. You want the boards rock solid so there's no spring in the floor or creaks once you've laid the vinyl .....That would just be annoying to say the least :eek:
  11. robbyn

    robbyn Member

    Is the original tiled kitchen floor on a suspended timber system or screed, if on timber definitely take up up tiles, a loose tile or worse poorly fixed ply deck will be a world of pain to rectify once your expensive vinyl click is laid, personally even it’s screed in the kitchen I would still take up the tiles and level compound the whole area, a proprietary membrane over the whole area after 6 weeks for the extension screed to let go of it’s moisture ( longer if you can ) not much smells worse than trapped warm water, get everything just so, then when the finished floor goes down flat it’s still flat in years to come, unless your nick knowles and just can’t wait :p

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