Best way to fix this blown plaster

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Lydia84, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Lydia84

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    Sorry for reposting I posted a couple of days ago but didn’t get very far because my pics wouldn’t upload.

    what would be the best way to fix up this blown plaster? I think it’s blown when I stripped the wallpaper due to the steamer and the wall being damp in those parts. I don’t know why it’s damp, I can’t seem to find a source, maybe the cavity wall insulation or the wet moss on the tarmac drive that runs on the outer wall which I will scrape off this weekend. How can I patch it up and treat any damp as best I can so it will be ok to paint over?

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  2. Wayners

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    Pva. Plenty then easyfill and a straight edge to level. Damp sponge around the edges on existing plaster to keep tidy and flat wood with 120g when dry. Want to sand flat as you can vs sandpaper in your hand
  3. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    I hate to say it, but those photos look like my worst nightmare...

    Chances are that even if the surrounding area is currently sound, as soon as it gets damp with PVA/filler then it will start to lift away.

    How solid is the plaster underneath?
  4. Lydia84

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    It seems ok around it, I pulled off any that was loose, it doesn’t sound hollow on the other bits
  5. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    I really hope for your sake that it doesn't start to loosen when it gets damp, but in my experience it's not unlikely...

    Maybe go over the whole area with the wallpaper steamer against and see what happens, it's better to locate and remove all the blown plaster right away or you could end up having a nightmare later.

    I renovated a house a few years ago and thought I'd done a decent job of patching where plaster had come off during the wallpaper stripping. Unfortunately when I started repainting the moisture from the mist coat went straight into the loose skim and it was coming off on the paint roller
  6. Lydia84

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    Nightmare! I don’t think it’s that bad (I hope)

    I think what happened is, we started with the steamer and my other half held it on in places for ages! And it’s blown it, I’ve done the rest of the wall with a cloth and warm water and peeled it off painstakingly slow layer by layer and it seems fine. The walls don’t really feel damp or look damp; it’s just those two bits where it’s blown and snowing the cement render which seems to smell musty. I wish I left the old lining paper on now and didn’t start decorating. But it just seemed such a bodge to consider painting over old late 70s lining paper!

    I’ve got to have at least part of one wall replastered so would it be worth just asking the plasterer to redo this wall with the blown bits too? Or is that a waste of time if it’s got a damp issue?

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