Best way to screed sloping floor to cover electric UFH

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by dazzz, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. dazzz

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    Hi - I've got a 'flat' but slightly sloping hall way floor (drops 20mm over 4.5m). I'm putting electric underfloor heating down and want to cover it with a screed (3-4mm deep). In other areas I've used self levelling compound to do this and results have been good. However, in the hall I can't use SLC because I'm limited by the threshold of the front door. Instead I need to lay the cable on the existing floor and then cover it in the same thickness (3-4mm) of something like SLC that doesn't self level! I assume that means I need to trowel it out myself which I'm ok with - but just checking there's no better option, and if not - what sort of product would be best to use to complete the job?


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