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  1. circuitbender

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    Hi all
    Please can you guys recommend the best weed killer to completely destroy some weeds. I’m ready to lay decking on the frame and there is just an edge of weeds at the one end so I intend to give it a good dose of weedkiller before some membrane, I could dig them out but don’t want to disturb the sub soil really
  2. spannerw

    spannerw Screwfix Select

    White wine vinegar and salt, mixed up and pour into spray bottle.
  3. Hans_25

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  4. Ben48

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    I use to use Vinegar, salt solutions..... then bleach which was better even the thin stuff......never tried that Glyphosate stuff after some cancer/health post so avoided that stuff but its meant to be good.

    Good ole fashion boiling hot water from kettle poured directly over any weeds or grass, plants or anything green almost and its killed faster then any vinegar, salt or bleach. if you do it twice a week 2-3 days in-between or daily pours it kills the actual root quicker so you will see it shrink and turn brown.

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