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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Alistair walker, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Alistair walker

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    Ive just had aluminium bifold doors installed into my 17 year old miller home. We’ve had multiple problems with the builders who seem to like to cut corners in the hope I won’t notice.
    The doors are in an aluminium frame which doesn’t seem to be attached to much down one side of the wall. The door now rubs the frame when opened and despite them fixing it, the rubbing is now back 2 days later. The frame sits in line with the wall cavity (see pics) between a layer of red brick on outside and a layer of thermolite on the inside.
    I’m not a builder but shouldent the aluminium frame sit in a sturdy wooden frame to keep it all rigid?

    Picture shows they have packed the frame with a 10mm piece of ply which only runs half way up the height of the door. There’s just fresh air in behind it.

    Any advice on how this should have been done Is appreciated

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    KEVIN NAIRN Member

    Hi, the aluminium doors can be fixed directly to the wall or even a steel girder. They aren't usually fixed to wood on an exterior door, as it will rot. Not sure how the builders fixed it from your pics, looks a mess.
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    having had a professional idiot fit bifold doors i sympathise with you. I have just fitted a set myself. So the frame can be fixed directly onto masonry. 4 masonry screws each side as a minimum and you mush have packers near the masonry screws. If these are missing then the frame will bend and it will never lock properly. the tolerances are small so the frame needs to be perfectly square. The threshold and header also need to be tied in. relying on foam is not good enough due to the weight involved
    that wood should not be there, all it needs is masonry frame screws every 600mm with packers and then foaming in

    if the door rubs the frame then they probably not got the frame square - get a laser level on it and check

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