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    There have been a number of members who have been disrupting the Screwfix Community with almost constant bickering

    I have suspended a number of members for this should this continue further action will be taken against this behaviour.

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  3. DIYDave.

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    Smacked botties, sent to bed without any tea, an hour sat on the naughty step, a month with no pocket money, no bedtime stories, no sweets, no trips out, not allowed to talk for an hour (or more), no tv, ahhhh the punishment list is endless when the kids misbehave

    I’ve refrained from suggesting a damm good thrashing as that’s simply too fraught to discuss online these days, a clip round the ear is pushing things

    Happy to provide more suggestions Peter

    My experience ?
    Father of 2 kids, (realise others have more)

    They might not be perfect but they’re rather close to it and very very good human beings

    Hope the forum soon relaxes and SF start stocking Chill Pills (no good on next day delivery though) :eek:
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  4. KIAB

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    A clip round the ear didn't do me any harm...

  5. Astramax

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    Called child abuse now! :eek: :rolleyes:
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    [QUOTE="KIAB, post, "A clip round the ear didn't do me any harm..."

    And that is why all the problems continue. Too much PC and a lack of Parental guidance. (there are also alternatives to this)
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  7. The Teach

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    Bickering,is that near bournmouth :D
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  8. masterdiy

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    Bickering Twins

    • Address: 114 N Cayuga St, Ithaca 14850
    • Phone: +1 (607) 319-0653
    • Cuisine: Tacos, Latin American
    • Website:
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  9. Astramax

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    Probably why my late father said " Nothing that a chunk of 4" x 2" around the back of the head wouldn't cure"....:p:p:p:D
  10. Astramax

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    BICKERING.......................blame Brexit!:oops::oops::oops::p:D
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  11. masterdiy

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    Brexit who?

    I thought he was amongst those who had been band.

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