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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by black n white joiner, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Bit of trouble with worktops, mitres are fine but just cant get joints between the two worktops as smooth as id like em.Had no complaints, but would like them perfect.Makita router but biscuit jointer is a cheapy(Ferm).Am i doing something wrong or do i need a better quality biscuit jointer?Cheers lads:)
  2. bigwavedave

    bigwavedave New Member

    Make sure your router cutter is sharp. The worktops knock the b****s out of them. this can make the worktop fluff a bit so lightly sand the two faces to be joined.
    Don't know about the biscuit jointer, I use a cutter in the router and have had no problems.

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  3. Cheers mate, but use a new cutter every job,bloody expensive but hey, the punters paying for it!
  4. panlid

    panlid New Member

    sometimes the worktops can have a slight curl on them so the only way you can get them anywhere near is to get front and middle nice and flush and see if you can bend the back up/down. buscuits can sometimes hinder as you have no play if the buscuit joints are slightly out and even with a good buscuit jointewr most of the time you are trying to buscuit chipboard and also it is not alwaysa possible to use buscuits depending on the configuration. if no buscuits i use rapid polyurethane glue to centre and bottom of joint leaving compound on top.
  5. Cheers sid,but your spelling is *****!Thought u were dead cos its been quiet on here, or have u been"chatting" to the sparks again!Top advice though.:)
  6. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    some times they r a pig 2 line up,as sid said iv they r slightly curved ,u got no chance,when i fit them dry they seem fine,but glue an silicon,god then it all goes t**s up
    sometimes fix a battern above back an wedge down,g clamp 2 front,as client kneels in middle of joint,as im under tightening up bolts,with glue dripping down,god wat a palava ;)
  7. panlid

    panlid New Member

    cheeky b***d. problem is when im typing my fingers are going faster than my brain, and im an uneducated imbecile doesnt help either;)
    believe it or not ive actually been working a few log days and when got in i have been pooped. and im giving the sparks a break for a couple of weeks but i'll be going back in at some point. fancy coming with me?:)

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  8. panlid

    panlid New Member

    lol bodgit.. makes you wander why doesnt it?

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