Biscuit jointing worktops

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by usm, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. usm

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    Was just wondering how many people biscuit joint worktops and if so what's the best way?
    Biscuit jointer or a biscuit jointing router bit, do you use a long channel on each top or just slots in measured positions. How deep from the surface do you set the biscuits, does it leave the top weaker? Does it restrict fitting the tops, thinking about say a u-shape with larder units on the two short legs, is it awkward to rotate the tops into place, can the joint snap where the biscuits are.
    These are all the things that have put me off in the past, plus I,ve always managed to get the tops level with no call-backs concerning movement or swelling. I know people say if it aint broke don't fix it but at the same time I don't want to be stuck in the past either.

    Any advice would be welcome, thanks :)
  2. G Brown

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  3. spanners2001uk

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    I always use buscuits. Buy a buscuit jointer. There are 3 sizes of buscuits, make your slot half the size of the buscuit, use lots of glue, this will be stronger than the w/top. Cut your slot haf way into the w/top in between your dog bones.
  4. usm

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    Might pick up a biscuit jointer and have a go on some off cuts.
    Seen a Freud jointer online for a good price, anyone had any experience with Freud tools?
  5. john chippy

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    I've never seen any benefit in biscuit jointing worktops.

    It won't hold your joints flush and level to the degree of accuracy required because the chipboard at the core of the work top is usually too soft to prevent any movement.
  6. Agree with John C, i can't see the need for biscuits - unless they are McVities chocolate diggers :)
  7. I agree with John with regard to laminate worktops.

    I only use biscuits on solid wood worktops because of the extra stresses involved with a natural wood product, which can move.
  8. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    Me too. I never use biscuits can't see the point, I do use Zipbolts as opposed to traditional dogbolts, and Exterior PVA as opposed to Colorfil or anything else.
  9. wuddy

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    me too
  10. New Member

    and me (but I charge 'em for biscuits 'cos they can't see 'em)
  11. wuddy

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    see 'em)

    that must bump the price up 50p ;)

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