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    Wife went on holiday with kids so I thought it's perfect plat to fix my laminate floor. I found vinyl tiles (probably asbestos in it), concrete on middle room (leftovers of dividing wall) and on sides 2 rows of stripped tiles covered by bitumen.

    I asked Mapei who advised to use Eco Grip followed by Latexplan no ammonia (nowhere to buy) what can't be replaced by different Mapei product like Latexplan TRADE. I don't fancy to scrape bitumen what holds it like Gorilla glue and that was condition of Mapei.

    I asked Ardex who's advice was to pour Arditex NA on all and then SLC. I thought Arditex NA IS self leveling...Anyway there is a problem with finding product in Manchester.

    What about bs101? Anyone was using it? I have seen contractors working in my building, but again... Nowhere to buy it.

    Is there different options? I would go with Arditex but where to buy it? What about slope arround doors? Tiles are holing very strong and it probably give me DPM. If I move it then it can be worst. Maby Ecogrip and some leveler?

    In both of places is 1-10mm off level.

    Help me, I'm begging you


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    What did you end up doing/using mate?
    My floor looks exactly the same and about to level it before tiling, reading so many contradicting things regarding bitumen

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