Black Mold On Wall behind Walldrobes. Any IDeas???

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by evo nut, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    Do you recon this will help because at presnt they are fitted in and not much ventilation.

    thanks in advance

    evo nut
  2. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    Hi Chippies,

    Now in my parents bedroom they have some walldrobes which are just a side and doors hung on a frame. ( can't think for the life of me the term )

    So the right hand side and back are outside walls which have black mold all over them.

  3. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    To try to overcome this I cut and fitted 4 x 6x2 vents on the front on the doors to increase the circulation

    i also told my mum to leave the dorrs ajar and when they use the ensuite for a bath/shower to open the window. They also have a dehumidefier in the bedroom.
  4. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    Do you recon this will help because at presnt they are fitted in and not much ventilation.

    thanks in advance

    evo nut
  5. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    They are doing all of this but the black mold is still present on the walls and all the wallpaper is coming off.

    It is also behind the chest of draws and the headrest of the bed but not as bad.

    Any thoughts? I was thinking of ripping them all out and getting some free standing ones as to increases the ventalation behind them?
  6. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    Sorry for the poor post but they won't let me post the whole topic?:-( Any ideas? thanks alot

    evo nut
  7. Bassrock

    Bassrock New Member


    similar prob few years ago, lots black specks of mold on wallpaper which only appear on the outside, e.g. the mold is not behind/underneath the wallpaper, I take it this is the case. Take double glazing installed as well. Also assume no vents have been "papered" over.

    The cure we had was to add top vents to the double glazing and cut bedroom door at bottom for increased ventilation. (25% vinegar water solution will clean up the mold) but ventilation is key to keep it away. Bottom line is you need to increase ventilation/decrease high water content of atmosphere. We didn't have an on-suite to contend with !!
  8. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    hello evo. you may find that free standing robes wont make any difference as the walls will mold behind them. outside walls are the worst as they are the coldest. if its at all possible its best to have nothing on the outside walls as this for some reason makes the problem far worse. ive seen this problem in my own house and my parents. or try to get to the source of the condensation. more ventilation for shower or cooking maybe?
  9. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    also evo opening the wardrobe doors or the vents is allowing the moist air to hit the cold wall making the problem worse really. if they using shower open all windows and leave fan running for half hour. its a difficult problem but warm moist air on a cold surface will condense.
  10. Gerrofski

    Gerrofski New Member

    Hi Evo

    Cold external wall, high humidity in the air, lack of ventilation in wardrobe = condensation = black mould.

    You need to insulate the external walls to stop the moist air condensing when it hits it. I have successfully used polystyrene veneer to do this in the past. Available in rolls from places like Wickes for aruond £4. This stuff is 2mm thick and reasonably effective but ideally you want at least 4mm so either double it up or buy some of the more heavy duty stuff from specialist suppliers. The really good stuff is 10mm thick with a fibreglass surface. Google it.

    Then either improve your ventilation or get a decent dehumidifier ( Amcor TC120 is less than £90 to buy and cheap to run ).

    Job done.
  11. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos Member

  12. CHRIS

    CHRIS Guest

    The only way to cure this is ventilation / more heat or both. When we moved to our present house 25 years ago we had the same problems in outside wall corners (we have solid walls) the wardrobes can only go on this outside wall so after providing more ventilation, I also made some skirting board high radiators from 15 / 22 mm copper pipe and fittings and plumbed into central heating system this has curred the problem since then.
  13. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Evo nut.

    As mentioned before, try simply adding an insulating layer to the insides of the external wall inside the wardrobe. Also add vents top and bottom of 'robes.

    If that doesn't work, look at more complex solutions.
  14. As D.A. said insulate the exterior wall from the inside with sheets of polystyrene and thin ply, Wickes sell it in different thickness. Cuts down the inside size a bit but its the only way.

  15. zulu100

    zulu100 New Member

    I have this issue as well. It tends to effect any houses without cavity walls more. The difference in temperature between the wall and the room causes condensation damp. The mould then grows where it doesnt dry well.
    You can help by having a gap behind any furniture against the outside walls. Ventilation is key to getting rid of this but you do need to consider air flow with in the room as you add the vents and if you do insulate the exterior wall dont insulate over the vent.

    Biggest thing is to shop around. For foiled roll insulation i have found prices going from £40 to £150 a roll for exactly the same item!!
  16. swampduck

    swampduck New Member

    moisture mate from morrisons last about 2-3mths and solve problem
  17. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    Hello screwfixers,

    Thank you for all your suggestions.

    Think i will treat the walls first to get rid of the mould.

    Then i think i will do is fit this:


    Then wallpaper over it so it looks okay!

    They have a dehumidifier already and i will talk to them about getting a extractor fan.

    Thanks for all the replies if you think what i plan above is no good then please let me know;-)

    many thanks

    evo nut

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  18. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Yep, sticking an asterisk on the wall always works for me...
  19. evo nut

    evo nut New Member

    i ment the wickes polyestrene it is 2400x600x25mm thick.

    stupid admin they don't even * sell it!

    evo nut

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