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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by GordonK, Dec 6, 2021.

  1. GordonK

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    Just moved into an older property and I have an electrical safety certificate for it which was done recently (it was a rental property so assume it was tested regularly) .

    Went to do some work and noticed on 1 socket the ring main cable coming out of the floor and running about a foot at a 45 degree angle behind the skirting board to the socket …. I had just finished sawing the skirting board and when it came off I noticed the cable at that angle … that can’t be right or can it ?

    at that point I decided I would move the socket to be directly above where it came out of the floor , undid the faceplate and was presented with a bunch of black and red wiring .. upstairs in the property is all brown and blue!

    so knowing that there is old cable (pre 2004 I assume) I am questioning if it is safe to use given it’s had regular tests .. any sparks care to advise?

    i am tempted to rip it out and replace but tbh if it aint broke don’t fix it but if I left it what’s the longevity here?

    Let me know guys?
  2. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    Red and black coloured wiring isn't necessarily in need of replacing. Testing would need to be done to establish one way or the other. Don't assume it's good now ,just because testing has been done historically. Some circuits have obvious been rewired ,in part at least, if brown and blue are present.
    As for diagonally run cables ,there are probably hundreds of thousands of older properties where that can be found.
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  3. MGW

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    In the main PVC wiring does not degrade very quickly, there are exceptions where the plasticizer has leached out often looks like a green grunge, but in the main it is only the rubber cables which degrade with time.
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  4. MRY

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    Have a look at this, you can immerse yourself... "Probably not a problem" but look for the green goo, the animal nibbling, & if it's been overheated or repeatedly flexed. My current house has black & red, plus some newer, and it was rewired in the mid '90s. My mum's still has quite a bit of rubber insulated cable :( left over from the early '60s and before.
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  5. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Screwfix Select

    Nothing wrong with black and red cable, my ring circuit still has large portions from 1963 in PVC red and black, and its perfectly good.The caveat would be if it has started to degrade, the green goo, if present can be an issue.

    With respect to the EICR, you will find it excludes concealed wiring that cannot be seen during the inspection. Finding wiring hidden, run outside of the safe zones is pretty common - and not a reason to rip the house apart or panic, if found correct the issue where you find it.
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  6. GordonK

    GordonK Member

    Great feedback and very reassuring to know the longevity. I don’t see any green goo from anything I have looked at and it all seems to be in good condition. Thanks everyone who responded ..very helpful guys..

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