'blacking' out car windows?

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by nickthebubble, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. nickthebubble

    nickthebubble New Member

    I am considering this so as to hide tools out of sight overnight (normally cover everything with a dust sheet but am getting lazy!) in my estate car.

    Anyone know how this is done?
  2. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Visit Halfords, or surf the 'net.

    It can be spray-on (but can scratch), or self-adhesive film. By 'self-adhesive', I don't think it actually has 'glue' on it, but is applied with soapy water which is squeegeed-out leaving the film in air-tight contact with the glass.

    You can also get mirrored film for complete obliteration from the outside, but from within looks fairly normal - you van look out.
  3. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

  4. nickthebubble

    nickthebubble New Member

    thanks for the info mate.
  5. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Make sure that it is not illegal to do so with your particular vehicle!!!!

    Mr. Handyandy - really
  6. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    did a few cars years ago, spray is useless, film is a mission.
    Better to pay to get it done properly, but if you want to do it yourself.
    Get some fairy liquid, foam it up, cover the glass on the out side of the glass, lay the film on the outside of the car with the protective film on the outside.
    The foam will help you get it very flat and hold it in place.
    Then get a stanley knife and cut 2mm smaller than the glass.
    Now cut, take it off, and get inside the car, cover the glass again with foam, start slowly peeling the protective film off and slowly apply, making sure all air bubles are removed and no creases.
    It is very hard to get it to look good, i knackerd rolls of the stuff practicing.
    If when you peel the back off you let it stick to itself it will crease and is knackered!!!!!! curved glass is impossible!!!!!
    Get a pro in, they do it quick and it looks good, and these days it ain't that expensive.
  7. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    I did cracked black ice on my calibra back in the day, and black limmo tint on my headlights........... the copper wasn't inpressed ;)
  8. nickthebubble

    nickthebubble New Member

    should be fine - just wanna do the rear window and back windows...
  9. nickthebubble

    nickthebubble New Member

    Blimey A-E that sounds like a right mission. Think I will google search a pro... what is the correct phrase for 'blacking out windows?"... tinting?
  10. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

  11. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    yep, subtle i call it ;)
    I have a great pic at work, a young lad pulled up in a hyudi accent (i think) it was "painted" in chromaflair paint, had massive side pipes, a k+n indution kit, with a twist..........the cone was comming out of the hole cut in the top of the bonnet!!!!! oh and ................it had a radiator.......................... on..........the outside!!!!!!!!!!!! yep bolted to the front bumper!!!!!!!!
    funniest car i've ever seen, you may see it "cruising" north shields.
    I'll try and get a pic on here!
  12. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    around here if they see blacked out van windows or signs saying no tools overnight, they do the glass and leave a note saying "just checking".
  13. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    polite lads ;)

    went to the bank it had a similar sign,
    no cash in here overnight
    or through the day as it happens! ;)
  14. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    What's the capital of Iceland?

    About Three Pounds Fifty...
  15. wise uncle

    wise uncle New Member

    If your blacking out on an openable window, cut 2mm short round the top & paint with nail varnish(black or clear). It helps stick blackout to window & lowers chance of peeling with opening & closing.
  16. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    wise uncle chav ;)
  17. nickthebubble

    nickthebubble New Member

    thanks for this W U. The more replies Ihave read have pretty much made me think the only option is to get a 'pro' to do it for me.
  18. " there are restrictions to what motorists can modify. For instance in the UK, vehicles are not allowed blacked out windows"

  19. nickthebubble

    nickthebubble New Member

    cheers MC, surely wouldnt affect me for doing the two rear windows on me astra estate???
  20. Hmmm, I would give your insurer a quick call first before you do anything, I reckon they'll ask you the percentage of tint. It shouldn't make the vehicle any different from a van for visibility, although they might argue that it's not a van, and your insurance is cheaper.

    Could be a problem if you make a claim in the future-these beggars will use any excuse....

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