Blanking off hinge recess in door lining

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    Orientation of door changed. So need to fill the hinge recesses in door linings.

    Tools you will need:
    Chisel (sharp)
    Block plane
    Wood glue

    Old hinge recess.

    Select a suitable piece of wood, the wood I had was ripped to rough size using a hand saw. Make it a few mm proud. (If the recess is damage, you can make the filler bigger and scribe into place). Filler is tapped into place for dry fit, the width is then marked at each edge and cut slightly oversize..

    Glue is applied to the recess, and making sure the edges are covered.

    Filler is glued as well, then tapped into place using a mallet/hammer. Wipe off excess glue using wet rag.

    Once set. Use a block plane to finish the filler. Some sandpaper can be used to finish off. A small piece wrapped around an off-cut of wood can be used to finish the edge to blend in with the lining.

    Lock latches are similar, I glue in a block to fill the void first...
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    Dutchman repair.:)
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