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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Bumbling Diyer, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. Bumbling Diyer

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    A friend of mine wants to get rid of a single socket, which is part of a ring circuit. Does anyone know of a blank cover plate, which also has terminals like a JB? It would be a bit messy to dig up the floor, and I'd rather go for a simple solution.

    The reason he wants rid of it is so he can put a rad in front of it. As far as I know this wouldn't be risky (or against the regs... but correct me if I'm wrong) but he's adamant that elec and water don't mix - and I said I'd try to help.

  2. Fubar

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    Never seen anything like that and I doubt that anyone makes such a thing. You could choose a fused connection unit that has a knockout for the cable and just a fuse (no neon, no switch). Without removing the knockout, the plate could still allow water ingress through the fuse cover or around the edges. You would connect both sets of wires to the "feed" terminals, leaving the "load" terminals empty.

    Another option would be to trace the cables. It is likely that they both run up the wall. If they do and you have access to the ceiling space, a simple but permanent measure would be to snip both cables at the top of the wall and join them together with a junction box - removing the socket from the ring mains. You could then remove the socket and replace with a blanking plate.

  3. The Trician

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    Electricity and water, as you correctly state, do not mix, but this shouldn't be a problem in your situation if I have read your post correctly. All you have to do, having isolated (switched off) the circuit concerned, is to disconnect and remove the socket front, and connect the Ring cables together via 30A connectors (choc blocks rated for 30A) and fit a blank front plate.
    Hope this helps.
  4. ban-all-sheds

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    He's mad.

    If he thinks that so much water is going to come out of his radiator that it'll get into the socket and short out the wiring then he should get a different plumber in....
  5. The Trician

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    B-A-S You have spoken my thoughts:)

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