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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by backingline, Dec 9, 2005.

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    My wife has asked me to paint the living room (it's Christmas, in-laws coming). She chose a colour (Dulux - Tuscan Terracotta). I went to the local trade counter and asked them to run up 10 litres using Johnstone's Covaplus (vinyl matt emulsion), which they did.

    The problem is that a fair amount of (red) dye seems to have got stuck behind the lip inside the tin - it started streaking down the sides, so I remixed it. But it started coming down again a few minutes later. As it's the first of two coats, it's not a problem but it will be tomorrow when I give it a final coat - there are some red patches on the wall.

    Apart from going back and getting them to shake the tin again, is there a reasonable method of dealing with this? I was thinking of storing the tin upside down overnight (with the lid on, obviously) and mixing again.

    Any suggestions welcome.
  2. paintycait

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    Pour it out of the tin and into a bucket. Mix it really well and then drag some paint up the sides of the bucket and watch for seperation. If it seperates on the side of the bucket then take it back, get your money back and go get the colour mixed at Dulux. Johnstone's bases are funny, not the same as Dulux's and nor are the tints (different composition). Sometimes the colours don't transfer well. Tuscan Terracotta is a gorgeous colour.... yum, scrum, turn it into chewing gum. Hope it works out.
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    cait is spot on as usual, you could try after emptying into a bucket putting half a pint of water in the tin putting the lid back on (secure) and giving it a good shake to try and remove the color pigment from under the lid then empty that into the bucket and give a good mix, make sure you have enough in that bucket to do all of the final coat
  4. backingline

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    Paintycait and Hoss -

    Good advice - many thanks for that.

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