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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by arsenalboy, Nov 13, 2005.

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    have just had a new velux installed and new ceiling i.e., plasterboard. Unfortunately the disturbed slating around the velux has leaked but now put right. The ceiling had been skimmed, a watered down coat of emulsion and two top coats of dulux white vinyl matt. The rainwater has dried but badly discoloured the new paintwork. The builder has told me to give it a coat of oil based undercoat and then emulsion again and said it will not bleed through again.
    Is this a good solution/good practice?
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    Oil based undercoat would work and shellac would work too, we used to use either when I was training. I now tend to use a rattlecan shellac based stain block, because it is quick and designed for the job. I would give it 2 coats on the stained area then emulsion the whole ceiling again. However if you read the other stained ceiling thread on this board you will see there is some dispute.

    The only problem I can think of with u/coat is that it is quite thick and looks like a "patch" after painting.
  3. the reason i wouldn't use undercoat per se is that it works best IMO as a flatter and builder to top coats on wood and metal i.e. what it was developed for. I'm not saying it won't do the trick but if you want it to look proper then use the right stuff, buy yourself stain blocker in a spray can for a fiver.

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