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  1. spark113

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    Can anybody advise me on connecting some lights like these I have benn asked to quote for a job involving wiring 10 of these lights in 2 rows of 5 about 3 meters apart down each edge of the block paving.I was planning to run 2 lengths of SWA to each set of lights, but the fittings come with a IP68 rated connection box which is only suitable for connecting 3 core flex. I was considering connecting the SWA cable of into a larger IP65 adaptable box and connecting the inner cores into the smaller connection box supplied. The boxes will require positioning under the block paving on a bed of sand so they shouldnt be submerged in water and protected by an RCD. This job will be part P'd by myself but as I havn't done anything like this before any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Real Spark

    Real Spark New Member

    Not sure light fittings are up to the job, contact manufacture for more info
    Or bin it
  3. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    The lights are fine for the purpose, but you'll have to use Artic cable or SY for connecting between your SWA and the fittings.
  4. spark113

    spark113 New Member

    thanks for the advice, the lights are pre-wired with 3 core silicon flex, but I was unsure about connecting the SWA into an IP65 adaptable box then connect the SWA inner cores into the connection box supplied with the fitting.
  5. andyspark

    andyspark Active Member

    I would definately rule out swa as it will be a pain to terminate.
    What about Kopex flexible conduit. Not the cheap plastic stuff but the type with a metal inside. Flexicon do it also. It offers good protection to the cable but waterproofing can be tricky.
  6. Active Member

    I saw these at a whole salers last year, thought it looked too much hassle.
    Had a strange thought- if I had lots of spare cash & time it would be nice to have the whole front door area done with them then when someone comes to sell gas elec or telephones then I could push a switch at the door and the monoblock would light with an appropriate phrase (usually ending in lost or off):D
  7. Real Spark

    Real Spark New Member

    lights are pre-wired with 3 core silicon flex
    Flex buried, o’ dear
    See if you can change to a more suitable fitting
    If not wire with SWA, protect flex with earthed flexible conduit, which of coarse will rust away
    Does not work does it
  8. sparkydude

    sparkydude New Member

    How about wiring the fittings in swa and then doing the connections between the fittings and swa inside a resin through joint?, Just nip a bit extra out of the shell when putting the two halves together for the flex to exit and then connector blocks or through crimps inside the joint? Have seen many jobs done like this and seeing as its likeley the fitting is double insulated should not pose any great problems.

  9. sparkydude

    sparkydude New Member

    edit that, just read wired with three core flex LoL too early on a sunday morning i guess
  10. Jonny

    Jonny New Member

    I've had to fit these years ago - had to use 20mm round PVC conduit - the conduit will slide through holes in the base, where you can fit a Tee. Not ideal at all.
  11. 12boreblue

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    I have fitted similar light systems before, I find that the best way is to excavate an area twice the depth needed and a little wider all round, wire with SWA into a suitable ip rated box from that to fitting use flexible conduit and armoured flex with compression glands seal all openings with compound, check system and then fill below lights with 10mm shingle (acts as soakaway), fit lights in paving and cement in with waterproof additive in the mortar. This works for me and never had a problem yet.
  12. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

  13. stranger

    stranger New Member

    I would wire it in swa. At each light i would terminate swa's with w/p glands in to 20mm Galv conduit boxes connect the sort length of flex to the light via a flex gland.
    Do the connections in the conduit boxes in connectors taped up and fill the boxes with water proof compound.
    use a gasket and screw the lid down.
    Done this many times never had a prob.
    Make sure u create a soak away as previously mentioned.
  14. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

    Wouldn't proper Pratley boxes be better than galvanised conduit ones?

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